Re: [NTG-context] How to overlap two figures?

2008-11-25 Thread 그래프 수학과
Dear Yue, Thank you for the reply. why not process the base file figure each time before process each figure. Yes, That is what I did. I am curious if there is a way of shorten the length of code which is less important. Thank you again. Best regards, Dalyoung

[NTG-context] How to overlap two figures?

2008-11-24 Thread 그래프 수학과
Dear all, I'd like to two figures in one place. There is a base figure, and I'd like to put other figures on the base figure case by case. base file + figure 1, base file + figure 2, ... The figures are created using metafun. Thank you for help. Dalyoung

Re: [NTG-context] about error unable to identify cnf file (Wolfgang Schuster

2008-11-12 Thread 그래프 수학과
Hi, Otared, Wolfgang, Thank you for the help. In the ConTeXt Minimals, LuaTeX is working well. I'll use minimals for LuaTeX. By the way, do I need luatools --generate again after adding my personal files in the folder ./contextminimals/tex/texmf-context/ user/context/? Thank you again.