Re: [NTG-context] compiling project files

2006-08-15 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Let's say I have the following project structureproject.tex env.tex product1.tex component1.tex component2.tex product2.texHere, really, the whole project generates a single pdf at the end. Now, when working on component1, I would run $ texmfstart texexec project.texShould I rather run texexec on

[NTG-context] \mathematics

2006-08-14 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Hi.When writing math I like avoiding $ whenever possible by defining my math operators with \mathematics, e.g.\def\grp{\mathematics{G}}.So far I was using this like I use \EnsureMath in LaTeX, but now I'm running into problems in MPgraphics: Texexec compiles the following file fine until I add the

Re: [NTG-context] \mathematics

2006-08-14 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Cool, it works nicely here, too.Thanks,Boris.On 8/14/06, taco hoekwater [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Boris Tschirschwitz wrote: Hi. When writing math I like avoiding $ whenever possible by defining my math operators with \mathematics, e.g. \def\grp{\mathematics{G}}. So far I was using this like I use

Re: [NTG-context] Gerben's TeX+ConTeXt packages: can't find the format `cont-nl.fmt' ?

2005-01-24 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Hey. Maybe the ConTeXt updater assumes the TeX-live 2005 layout. I am using 2005 and I have no problems with it. Just a thought, Boris. On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Steffen Wolfrum wrote: Adam Lindsay [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Steffen. This is more of a MacOSX installer problem, but... Steffen Wolfrum

Re: [NTG-context] Acrobat 7.0

2004-12-23 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Also, Acrobat Reader 7 starts up much faster than AR 6 on Mac. On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Hans Hagen wrote: Taco Hoekwater wrote: The one good thing about working with Acroread under Linux is that the interface doesn't change. Ever. well, somehow i got the feeling that this time for windows users

[NTG-context] Re: map problems

2004-09-09 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
I apologise for that email. Of course there is no problem with ConTeXt, as it also didn't indicate any. It turned out to be a problem with HPFS+'s sloppyness with upper and lower case letters. Cheers, Boris. On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Boris Tschirschwitz wrote: Hi. A year ago I wrote a set

[NTG-context] map problems

2004-09-08 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Hi. A year ago I wrote a set of ConTeXt-set documents on gentoo linux with teTeX without any problems. Now, trying to update them on Mac OS X with Gerben Wieda's teTeX distribution, I get these messages specials : fdf,tpd loaded ) pdftex : using map file:

Re: [NTG-context] ConTeXt updates Gentoo

2003-10-02 Thread Boris Tschirschwitz
Yes, I am using ConTeXt with Gentoo. Alas, I am just using the ConTeXt version that gets installed with tetex. I once tried updating and ran into some strange problems where texexec kept running, producing lots of processes. I tried getting help from the list, but, when posting from GMANE, I had