Re: [NTG-context] Broken Index Behavior?

2018-03-05 Thread Brian Wedde
Thanks Luigi. I am getting the "correct" results on my local workstation as well. However, when working on an installation on a Amazon Linux EC2 instance, the index refuses to aggregate the results. This even happens if i copy my entire ConTeXt directory to the Amazon Linux machine verbatim. I

[NTG-context] Broken Index Behavior?

2018-03-01 Thread Brian Wedde
I put ConTeXt on a new server. It works fine except that it is not aggregating index results. I have isolated it to a single line, but i do not understand why it breaks indexing. Feedback from anybody would be immensely helpful. I have already spent way too much time figuring this out.

Re: [NTG-context] UTF8 / TeXUtils parsing error

2011-07-15 Thread Brian Wedde
I updated Ruby to the latest and greatest beta but have the same results: TeXUtils does not function correctly when processing .tui files, likely due to character encoding issues in Ruby. I'm running Ruby 1.9.2 and this seems to be the problem. 1.8.7 was working fine on other machines. There

[NTG-context] UTF8 / TeXUtils parsing error

2011-07-14 Thread Brian Wedde
Minimal example: \enableregime[utf] \defineregister[Index][Indeces] \starttext \Index{x}x. \pagebreak \placeIndex \stoptext When compiling, TeXUtils has a heart attack: . . . TeXUtil | parsing file TeXUtil | fatal error in plugin (processing): invalid multibyte

[NTG-context] Titles that spill out

2010-10-14 Thread Brian Wedde
Here is a simple section header. It runs way out of the margin. Any idea why? I do not want hyphenation. Words that run over the boundary should be skipped to the next line down. Why does it not do that here? Also note that if i change flushleft to middle, it works fine (except that i don't

[NTG-context] Access figure data?

2010-10-14 Thread Brian Wedde
Is there any way to get access to the data about external figures? I would like to know the pixel height/width of the actual image. [I am trying to typeset a mass of html-based documents with images using a series of scripts. The images need to be positioned somewhat like they would be on the

[NTG-context] Headers must not be the last object on the page

2010-10-12 Thread Brian Wedde
I'm getting headers as the last item on a page. Following content appears on the next page. I would like to have headers not be separated from their content by a page break. Is there a way to say if a header is the last thing on the page, place it on the next page instead? I am aware of the

[NTG-context] Paragraphs that start with formatting fail to wrap around floats

2009-09-02 Thread Brian Wedde
I found what appears to be a bug. I can't find any documentation on it. If i'm doing something wrong, i would really appreciate it if someone would tell me so. Otherwise, please tell me it is a bug so i can stop pulling my hair out. If a paragraph starts with anything but plain text, it will