[NTG-context] Rotating two lines in a table

2014-04-08 Thread Dr. Jörg Kopp

I am searching since several days  now  tomorow y need a
solution :-(

I want to rotate two lines with:

          \bTD{\rotate[rotation=90]{first line\crlf second

but instead of: (rotated 90°)
   first line
   second line

I get:
   first linesecond line

Help. Please.



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  Am Pützberg 2
  51674 Wiehl
  Tel.: 02262/751086
  eMail: i...@dr-kopp.com
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AW: [NTG-context] Re: Support bei Einstieg in ConText

2003-09-26 Thread Dr . Jörg Kopp

 [for those who are interested: The rest of the original posting was
 about support request for layout, converting documents, etc.]

Please excuse me, Patrick. It's my first time in a mailing-list ...
and I made another mistake: I've send my question twice. So, please
be patient with me. I promise less mistakes :-)

best regards

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