Re: [NTG-context] Stopping text from flowing around sidefloats

2004-07-08 Thread Fabio Fogliuzzi
Il giorno 06/lug/04, alle 18:40, Hans Hagen ha scritto: \forgetsidefloats \flushsidefloats may be of help in manipulating those side floats (more on side floats in details.pdf) Hans Thanks Hans. Placing \flushsidefloats after the figure insertion works in the desired way. It seems that this

[NTG-context] How to define Small Caps when installing a new font (repost)

2004-07-07 Thread Fabio Fogliuzzi
Excuse me if this message will be posted twice. In the first post I inadvertently used my work e-mail address which is not registered in this forum. A question about fonts. I have successfully installed (for the first time) a font using the texfont utility and creating both small caps and

[NTG-context] Stopping text from flowing around sidefloats

2004-07-06 Thread Fabio Fogliuzzi
I'm a newbie in Context (and TeX) typesetting, but I'm seriously thinking of switching from my current wokflow, FrameMaker based, to a new one based on this system, impressive for its quality and flexibility. The main work at my office is the producing of technical manuals (250-500