Re: [NTG-context] XML/MathML namespace handling bug

2021-03-25 Thread Hugo Landau
> in x-math.mkiv search for > >\startxmlsetups mml:apply > > and replace this bit: > > \edef\mmlapplyaction{\xmlfilter{#1}{/*/tag()}} > \doifelsesetups {mml:apply:mml:\mmlapplyaction} { > \xmlsetup{#1}{mml:apply:mml:\mmlapplyaction} > } {

[NTG-context] XML/MathML namespace handling bug

2021-03-20 Thread Hugo Landau
o output is produced. This has been verified with In order for output to be produced, must be changed to and must be changed to , but these are in the wrong namespace in this context. In other words, this bug applies to the keyword element in an apply element. Hug