Re: [NTG-context] [dev-context] 2 columns itmize in letter module possible

2010-02-24 Thread Jörg Hecke
Am 23.02.2010 um 12:59 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster: I am using your letter module, but it seems that I am not able to use a 2 column itemize environment? Fixed. Brilliant. Thanks. So, I have to update to the latest minimals, or download the latest version from contextgarden modules site,

Re: [NTG-context] [dev-context] t-letter/resume package

2010-02-14 Thread Jörg Hecke
Hi Wolfgang, Am 14.02.2010 um 23:22 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster: But I am failing to use the resume part:-( I would like to use your classic or casual layout, but I have no idea how to use them. I'm sorry but there is something missing in documentation, the resume part is not really