Re: [NTG-context] Landscape typesetting on portrait page

2008-03-08 Thread Saji N Hameed
* John Devereux [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2008-03-08 14:19:57 +]: As a workaround I did try making the entire page landscape (and removing headers and footers). But that did not seem to play well with imposition - I tried lots of combinations and could not get it right. So for now I am going

Re: [NTG-context] How to use utopia font?

2008-01-02 Thread Saji N. Hameed
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[NTG-context] page numbers in Table of Contents, mismatch

2007-12-18 Thread Saji N Hameed
\stopappendices \stoptext Thanks as always, saji -- Saji N. Hameed APEC Climate Center +82 51 668 7470 National Pension Corporation Busan Building 12F Yeonsan 2-dong, Yeonje-gu, BUSAN 611705 [EMAIL PROTECTED] KOREA

[NTG-context] Customising Table of Contents

2007-12-16 Thread Saji N. Hameed
appreciate any advice on how to achieve this. The toc should look like 1. Chapter 1 1.1 section 1 2. Chapter 2 2.1 section 2.2 section A. Appendix 1 B. Appendix 2 C. Appendix 3 Thanks in advance, saji -- Saji N. Hameed APEC Climate Center +82 51 668 7470

Re: [NTG-context] Presentation

2005-08-05 Thread Saji N. Hameed
Hi Andrea, I would like to add to Mojca's second comment. A possible way to deal with the font problem is to use a font that is already in your system. I tried using the Lucida Bright Font and it worked. First I copied s-pre-08.tex into my working directory and renamed it to my-pre.tex. Then I