[NTG-context] white space after a float in a column

2019-08-10 Thread Sytse knyps...@home.nl
Dear list members, I am struggling with floats in a two-column layout. I understand that there are three up-to-date mechanisms for columns: columnsets, pagecolumns and pagegrids. However, in neither setup I succeed in producing some extra vertical whitespace after the float if a caption is

[NTG-context] Columnsets not balanced

2019-07-15 Thread Sytse knyps...@home.nl
Dear list, In the following example I would like to have the two columns balanced, i.e. with equal number of lines in both columns. But contrary to the option in the definition, all text is put in the leftmost column and the right-hand column remains empty. \definecolumnset[Two][balance=yes]