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2005-04-03 Thread free
Le 3 avr. 05, à 11:41, Paul Tremblay a écrit :
On Sun, Apr 03, 2005 at 10:13:22AM +0200, Patrick Gundlach wrote:
... At the time before the wiki
existed there were (besides the documentation at PRAGMA ADE) several
web pages with some content ... But the
ConTeXt users didn't know about these pages ... That is why I have 
... My decision was based on practicality, .. It would take me
maybe a half an hour if I used the wiki, and even longer as my pages
continue to grow...
You could maintain a micro-page on the wiki which just allows
users to find your great document. The aim is for anybody to easely find
your document from the wiki.
The problem is to not forgot to update the wiki if you change the
location of your main page!
Thank you for your tutorial!
-- Maurice Diamantini
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Re: [NTG-context] OSX ConTeXt users inventory (was: ConTeXt-updater i-Package updated)

2005-03-04 Thread free
Le 4 mars 05, à 14:49, Mark Smith a écrit :
Uwe Koloska [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Let's count the guys that use OSX with ConTeXt
(and possibly i-Packages):
 -- One --
... --cut some bilions increments (;-) --
ONE more !
I use context from the last texlive (linux and mac osx)
-- Maurice Diamantini
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Re: Now is the time for all... (Was: [NTG-context] A simple project.)

2004-11-18 Thread free
Le 17 nov. 04, à 11:53, Hans Hagen a écrit :
Maurice Diamantini wrote:
The objective is to had a line such
source /xxx/context/
in my bashrc without worying if I (or other xTeX user) have to do
either LaTeX or ConTeXt writing.
Actually there has been something like that for a long time -)
- when a new tex live comes out, i remove my old texmf tree and copy 
the texlive one to my disk (ok, for the next one i need to copy both 
texmf and texmf-dist to texmf on my disk)
A new standard tex dist is always relatively easy to install
(tetex or texlive)...
- this will then include a version of context
... And there is a (old) version of context include.
But it is that way I'm using context today.
So far so good.
And I can personnalised my LaTeX distribution by using the
HOMETEXMF environment variable.

- alongside i keep texmf-local and a few more (which has the beta
context and such)
My problem (as a NOT guru xyzTeX administrator !) is precisely that
I have trouble in using a separate cont-tmf distribution in my own
tex tree (trouble with creating the formats).
i suppose I have to more investigate in this direction.
What I'm looking for, is a mean to use:
- my one cont-tmf uptodate tree, possibly with some near standard
  contrib addition (read soon to be include in the standard Context
  distrib e.g. t-bib, t-nath ;-)
- some personnal environnement variables (HOMETEXMF, or better:
togother with any ***full standard LaTeX distribution*** wich I haven't
installed myself on a workstation I don't administre myself (read in 
environment :-). I only master my home directory.

If I have to modify the texlive distribution (or a configuration
file from). Then it is no more a standard texlive distrib.
So the two possibilities I envisage are:
1 - managing a separate context tree package in an hostile environment
(the prefered solution if robust)
2 - manage a separate full context system.
It's probable the easier way to go. And for less than 100 Mbytes
it is no much more heavy than the simple con-tmf plus the format.
Also, if I can do a multiplatform (powerpc-darwin, x86-linux, ...)
non intrusive (with concurrent LaTeX distribution),
I'll can make it installed everywere (around me).
I have yet to solve some confict in my environnement (because
for sample the context-live setup **cleer** all environment variable
which concerne LaTeX, kpath, and other HOMETEXMF variable.
This second item was the main objective of this thread Now is the 
I think the work is almost done with the minimal context-live
distribution. It need just some setup adjust.

if you do
   rsync -v
you will get all the trees that you can download
This doen't work at work because of a firewall.
I tried to use the option -e ssh which could work
if you had a secure shell demond enabled.
But it doesn't seem to!
The a try this night at home (with
  rsync -av  pragma-context-all
And it worked! (590 Moctets)
So this week-end, I have to retry to solve the setup problems.
because i seperate things in trees, there is no danger in clashes with 
existing stuff; also, the setup scripts set all variables in a 
defensive way,
so that there will be no clash with other distributions (that way i 
can also keep several project trees with older context versions 
It a defensive way for ConTeXt user, not for LaTeX user.
the reason for using architectre paths is that it permits me to have 
out of sync binaries which means different pool files and formats)
I agree that multi-architecture is needed, but the problem with
P.C users is that there is only two architecture in the world (;-)
1 - Windows
2 - the others
The most advanced pc users know also about linux and even linux-64
but an architecture is a combination between some hard  (sparc, powerpc,
x86, 64-x86) and some operating system (linux, bsd, sunos, cygwin,
darwin, )
This principle is very flexible, and support even inoperating system'
(dos, dos++, windose95, windose95.2, macosClone, ...)
The best way to get an idea on how to deal which multi-architecture
is to look at the config.guess and config.sub from gnu configure
system (which seems used by the texlive distribution).
Context need not support all the architecture combination, but should
support the standard architecture system.
Here are some examples of a binary tree:
 i386-openbsd - i386-openbsd3.3
 powerpc-aix - powerpc-aix4.3.3.0
 powerpc-darwin - powerpc-darwin6.6
 sparc-solaris - sparc-solaris2.7
I have a script I use for shoosing between a few architecture.
I can be be update for adapting to the supported ConTeXt binaries
All my configure scripts use set privaded string

Re: Now is the time for all... (Was: [NTG-context] A simple project.)

2004-11-18 Thread free
Le 17 nov. 04, à 10:19, Taco Hoekwater a écrit :
Maurice Diamantini wrote:
So, I propose that besides the standard upgrade for 
Pragma propose à **independant** context distribution which :
1 - ***doesn't use*** the standard kpath environment variables
This is the main item, because this requirement implies using 
non-standard executables. I agree with you that such a distribution 
would be a great thing to have, but unless some people are actually 
willing to invest (a fairly large amount of time) in it, it is simply 
not going to happen.
Hum, I thought it would be possible to just change the name of the
environment variable used be the kpsea system.
But if these names are hard coded, perhaps it is still possible to patch
the source for all the external tools used by context and relying
on kpathsea.
I suppose that Hans could do a contextize perl script which automatise
this transformation from the standard tools archives.

I have started a project last spring, whose goal is to deliver almost 
precisely a standalone, fast and idiot-proof distribution of 
ConTeXt, but it has been a one person affair so far, and I do not 
have unlimited time to spend on it. Anyway, have a look at

This is very ambitious ! You are redoing the full tex envirenment!
If you realy want to do that, you should:
- first create a contributing information system (as the wiki context 
- create an open source project on sourceforge or something like that,
  (this mean mailing lists, cvs access, ...)
- and then call for a partitipation on comp.text.tex group.
I sure there is several TeX guru interested.

This project is much more that what I asked for!
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Re: [NTG-context] \mathbb

2004-11-15 Thread free
Le 12 nov. 04, à 05:44, David Arnold a écrit :
   Let $x\in\Real$.
You can try that at
Click on the bottom left live context
copy-paste this text, click typeset and download the pdf
result ;-)
-- Maurice
In Latex, I would write:
Let $x\in\Real$.
How to I get the Blackboard Bold R in Context?
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