Re: [NTG-context] What color is screen?

2009-08-19 Thread Mojca Miklavec
to think what shade of gray to use to make the highlights in document come out nice. in this case it would be convient to add \definecolor[screen][s=.95] Oh, thanks. I found it now. \setupscreens [\c!screen=0.95] I was just too blind to find it before. (value taken from pack-rul.mkii) to colo-rgb

Re: [NTG-context] ConTeXt-ifying Kile

2008-01-02 Thread Matija Ċ uklje
[options] \setupregister[singular][name][options] \setuprotate[options] \setuprule[name][options] # \setups \setupscreens[options] \setupsection[name][name][options] \setupsectionblock[name][options] \setupsorting[name][options] \setupspacing[broad|packed] \setupstrut[yes|no|cap|text] \setupsubpagenumber

Re: [NTG-context] High level user macro (howto?)

2004-08-10 Thread Peter Mnster
Pardon, I forgot the whole tex-file: \useregime[il1] \enableregime[il1] \useencoding[ffr] \definehspace[fr][:][.16667em] \definehspace[fr][;][.16667em] \definehspace[fr][!][.16667em] \definehspace[fr][?][.16667em] \mainlanguage[fr] \newdimen\BigWidth \BigWidth=18cm \setupscreens[screen=0.85