Re: [NTG-context] Steps in presentation

2015-01-03 Thread Jeong Dal
Dear Fabrice, The following code is working in my mac. I tried your first code and it is working after adding \setupinteraction[]. Since I didn’t use ‘rsteps’ module, I could’t test the second code. My ConTeXt version is as following. ConTeXt ver: 2014.12.21 22:25 MKIV beta fmt: 2014.12.26

Re: [NTG-context] Steps in presentation

2015-01-02 Thread Fabrice L.
pol stra ryzz at writes: Hello,I tried to use some steps in a presentation.  In the following conversation at, Wolfgang saysthat we can use the pre-60 module.  So I tried this snippet:\usemodule[pre-

[NTG-context] Steps in presentation

2012-09-12 Thread pol stra
Hello, I tried to use some steps in a presentation. In the following conversation, Wolfgang says that we can use the pre-60 module. So I tried this snippet: \usemodule[pre-stepwise] \starttext \StartSteps \startitemize \item one

Re: [NTG-context] Steps in presentation (pol stra)

2012-09-12 Thread Jeong Dalyoung
Dear Pol stra, I run your sample and got the same error. After changing pre-stepwise to pre-60, I run it again, but the same error occurs. !LuaTeX error: There should have been a lua node here, not an object with type string! == Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced! I