[NTG-context] Math symbols missing

2010-05-13 Thread gummybears
Hi The following math symbols are missing, 0x222B normal integral \int 0x222C double integral \iint 0x222D triple integral \iiint 0x222E contour integral \oint 0x222F surface integral \oiint 0x2230 volume integral \oiiint I also need the space-time integral \nt (4 i's) Kind regards PS

[NTG-context] math symbols missing?

2009-03-26 Thread Jesse Alama
I just tried recompiling an old document with the latest minimals (mkiv) and found that some of my old math commands don't seem to work: \ulcorner \urcorner \cap Probably there are others, too. (Also, \showmathcharacters seems to be undefined.) Any idea what might be going on? Thanks,