Re: [NTG-context] bug in modes

2008-03-30 Thread Hans Hagen
Hans van der Meer wrote: I guess the pairing of \startnotallmodes with \stopnotallmodes is at fault. In core-var.tex 234-235 I see: \long\def\dostartnotallmodes[#1]% {\docheckforallmodes\dostopallmodes\donothing{#1}} should be: \long\def\dostartnotallmodes[#1]%

[NTG-context] bug in modes

2008-03-29 Thread Hans van der Meer
The following works mirabile dictu: \enablemode[b,c] \startallmodes[b,c] \type{\startallmodes[b,c]} done \stopallmodes \startnotallmodes[c] \type{\startallmodes[b,c]} not done \stopallmodes % But the following gives an error: \enablemode[b,c] \startallmodes[b,c]