[NTG-context] presentation in ConTeXt and XeTeX

2005-09-27 Thread 정 달영
Dear all, I tested presentation mode with pre-green module and it worked fine. I also tested the same file with the addition of few lines which set my personal font script for XeTeX-ConTeXt. \usetypescriptfile[type-xkor] \usetypescript[myface] \switchtobodyfont[Myface, 12pt, rm] Save the

Re: [NTG-context] presentation in ConTeXt

2005-03-31 Thread Dalyoung
I added following two lines in conf-pre-main.tex, \usetypescriptfile[type-xall] %script file \usetypescript[myface] %typeface In type-xall.tex, \starttypescript[serif][smmjr][uc] % Regular variant: \definefontsynonym[smMyungjoRegular][smMyungjoR\space W30][encoding=uc]

[NTG-context] presentation in ConTeXt

2005-03-30 Thread 정 달영
Hi all, It is my first mail to this list. I am using XeTeX and XeTeX + ConTeXt environment for my most files for sometime. It worked fine and the output is really great. I'd like to use it to create a presentation instead of using LaTeX + beamer. I have seen many output samples of the