Re: [NTG-context] paragraph with a shape

2006-10-23 Thread Renaud AUBIN

Hi Victoria,

At first, draw a mouth-like shape as a closed path with metapost then
read (pages
The ML is a good source too (See "[NTG-context] Context and CD labels"
for example)...


Victoria Brown a crit:

  How do I shape a paragraph like a mouth?
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ntg-context mailing list

RE: [NTG-context] paragraph with a shape

2004-11-21 Thread Ciro A. Soto
I was using \parshape in plain tex, but this is what I want to avoid using.
I am looking for a macro where I could provide a figure (may be in metapost format)
and then the paragraph would be inside the shape of the figure. Or something
better than the \parshape, which distorts the shape if you change the font size
or the line separation...Dirar BOUGATEF [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
You will have to use the same macros you have created. This is one of Context magic. You can use all tex and plain tex macros (Well not exactly all of them says the docs, am not sure wether a list exists)___ntg-context mailing list[EMAIL PROTECTED] A. Soto"All problems are at the interface. Each one of them has a solution."___
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