Re: [NTG-context] \setMPtext value

2003-06-03 Thread Nigel King
this is because context keeps your text confidential -) \expanded{\setMPtext{...}{\getvalue{...}}} will give you a for-your-eyes only copy Hans Confidentially it works like a dream Thanks Nigel ___ ntg-context mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[NTG-context] No MP graphics after installation under MikTeX

2003-06-03 Thread Sytse Knypstra
Dear ConTeXt users, I tried to (re)install ConTeXt under MikTeX in the following way, but a simple test file with a flowchart and a MP graphic gave me the texts of the flowchart only. Can anybody give me advice? Thank you in advance, Sytse Knypstra These are the steps I took: 0. Perl has