Re: [NTG-context] conteni style

2003-10-17 Thread John Culleton
On Friday 17 October 2003 08:49, V. Sharma wrote: I am a newbie to context. I have a management protocol for transplantation patients which would be great if presented in a format similar to the conteni document. Is the setup for the same available or is this proprietary and not available? Are

[NTG-context] things I do when I get bored...

2003-10-17 Thread Patrick Gundlach
Hello out there, ... are not what I am going to announce here. But, you can -- if you are brave -- try out the new-on-the-www port of texshow, the ConTeXt command browser. As a bonus, comments can be added to the commands (as in etexshow), but since you are not alone on the www, you can