[NTG-context] Re:conteni style

2003-10-19 Thread V. Sharma
I intend to use pdfscreen and lyx if this is not possible, however the layout and searchability of the conteni are far superior . any help now will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged in the protocol. regards vivek What is meant with the conteni document? Do you have an example? Hans By

[NTG-context] Re: things I do when I get bored...

2003-10-19 Thread ml-context
There are still some bugs in the webserver. Once in a while it just dies. I keep an eye on it and try to get it stable. Right now it should work. Yes, it\'s great! It would be nice to have a short description for each command - I know, there is the documentation from Hans - but it would be

Re: [NTG-context] installation: -jobname pdfetex option (was Re: [NTG-context] columns and alignment at the bottom)

2003-10-19 Thread Hans Hagen
At 16:26 17/10/2003, you wrote: I looked around a bit in the archives, but I'm not sure which zip that is, so I decided to go ahead and upgrade my whole tetex to 2.0.2. I went to pragma-ade and followed the links to find pdftex 14h. http://www.pragma-ade.com/context/linuxtex.zip to give you

Re: [NTG-context] Natural Tables (all options)

2003-10-19 Thread Hans Hagen
At 18:53 18/10/2003, you wrote: Hello, with a lot of help of Lutz (member of this list) I am now able to produce Context files and compile them to PDF. Now I am reading the documentation and some emails from this list to learn some details. I played a little bit with natural tables (also read