Re: [NTG-context] Headers on Empty Page at End of Chapter

2013-07-02 Thread Wolfgang Schuster
Am 02.07.2013 um 06:05 schrieb Malte Stien Wolfgang, Actually, I just realised this only works if the next page (the right page following the empty left page) is the first page of a chapter in the bodymatter. That is, it does not work in the following two cases: - If

[NTG-context] relative references?

2013-07-02 Thread Steffen Kram
Hello, is it possible to reference parts of a document in a relative style? My structure is as follows: \startproduct … \startbodymatter \component chapterFoo/main \component chapterBar/main \stopbodymatter … \stopproduct Each of my chapters uses \chapter, \section … \subsubsubsection