Re: [NTG-context] TikZ modules are missing \startmodule

2017-12-11 Thread Christoph Reller
Hi Christian, Thank you for your support. I think you should insert a line \startmodule[] after \unprotect in the following files \tex\texmf-modules\tex\context\pgf\basiclayer\t-pgf.tex \tex\texmf-modules\tex\context\pgf\basiclayer\t-pgfbim.tex

[NTG-context] issue with css selector in lpath

2017-12-11 Thread Pablo Rodriguez
Dear list, I have the following code: \xmlsetsetup{\xmldocument} {{header, #header}} {xml:titlepage} I guess this is right, but I get the following compilation error: tex error > tex error on line 303 in file pandoc-xhtml.tex: ! Illegal parameter number in definition

Re: [NTG-context] issue with css selector in lpath

2017-12-11 Thread mf
I think it's the "#header" without the name of an element before. Try specifying an element you find in your document (i.e. "{{header, tag#header}}"), just to see if it compiles. If it compiles, it's likely you found a bug. Best wishes, Massi Il giorno lun, 11/12/2017 alle 21.51 +0100, Pablo

Re: [NTG-context] \setuplist with numbercommand renders wrongly

2017-12-11 Thread Henri
If you want to format the TOC line you have to use command=... together with alternative=command. \define[3]\ChapterNumber{\line{Chapter #1: #2\hfill#3}} \setuplist   [section]   [alternative=command,    command=\ChapterNumber] \starttext \completecontent \startsection[title={blabla}]