[NTG-context] Asymptote and lmtx

2020-06-13 Thread Otared Kavian
Hi all, Recently I have been using (in a very elementary way) Metafun in order to visualize a small set of data in 2 dimensions, as a scattered set of labeled dots, and I wanted to do the same in 3 dimensions. Indeed one can write an analogous Metafun code for 3d, but I thought using Asymptote

[NTG-context] \the\font in luametatex

2020-06-13 Thread Marcel Fabian Kr├╝ger
Hi, in the latest luametatex version, \the\font does ... something weird: E.g. with a current, fully updated lmtx, I get for \starttext \showthe\font \stoptext the output > }\ifempty \currentstyleparameter \else \dousecurrentstyleparameter \fi instead of the expected >