[NTG-context] Problem with log coordinates in metafun graph module

2021-12-08 Thread Jean-Philippe Rey via ntg-context
Dear list, Log coordinates seem to be broken in the last version of ConTeXt/metafun/graph. Here is my failing example === \usemodule[graph] \starttext \startMPcode{graph} draw begingraph(100mm, 100mm); setcoords(log, linear); % works fine with

[NTG-context] Initial release of SBL bibliographic rendering and biblio wishlist

2021-12-08 Thread Joey McCollum via ntg-context
A while ago, I mentioned in a thread on the mailing list that I was working on a new bibliographic rendering for the SBL citation style. After additional testing and implementation of various features (e.g., an authorconversion that inverts the first author and prints all subsequent authors in