[NTG-context] mtxrun / fonts

2009-05-13 Thread Wolfgang Schuster
Hi Hans, the following produced a list with all font features for Minion Pro but it did no longer work. mtxrun --script fonts --list --info minionproregular Wolfgang ___ If your question is of interest to

Re: [NTG-context] mtxrun / fonts

2009-05-13 Thread Mohamed Bana
i tend to use --pattern, is that wrong? $ mtxrun --script fonts --list --info --pattern=*minion* MTXrun | fontname: minionprobold MTXrun | fullname: MinionPro-Bold MTXrun | filename: /media/sdb1/Fonts/Minion Pro/MinionPro-Bold.otf MTXrun | MTXrun | fontname: minionproboldcapt MTXrun | fullname: