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2009-03-26 Thread Taco Hoekwater
Hi Michael,

ntg-context-bounces wrote:
 Subject: Fwd: Bibliography question with example
 From: Michael Bynum
 Date:Tue, 24 Mar 2009 22:29:22 -0400
 I think I've figure out how to format the individual items of the
 bibliography entries by editing the bibl-xxx.tex files (by the way, if
 I try to create a new file, say bibl-aiaa.tex in the same directory
 as the other bibl files, context always claims it cannot locate the
 file and I can't figure out why), 

You have to run mktexlsr (or a similar menu command, if you are using
miktex) after putting files in that spot.

 but I can't find a way to edit the
 alignment or numbering format for each entry.  I attached (tried to) a
 png file showing the format I need to produce and a sample file of
 what I have so far.  The first line of each entry should be indented
 and the numbering should be a superscript as shown in the png file.
 Can anyone tell me how I can do this?  Thanks.

Your attached files were a bit too large for the mailing list,
so I blocked your message. Something like this will do the trick.

  \define[1]\myNumber{\hbox to 20pt{\hfill \high{#1}}}

Best wishes,
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Re: [NTG-context] Forward of moderated message (Why It Is So)

2006-12-30 Thread Taco Hoekwater

Hi Geoff,

(Your messsage was too large, I dropped the attachments)

 This problem has been with my version of Contex which is running on windows
 XP since I first started maybe 2 years ago and has never bothered me as I
 was doing simple jobs. The version is kept up to date and I have in fact
 downloaded the base distro again on 14 Dec and updated. I am guessing that
 it may be in the parameters given to pdftex which I have just noticed from
 googling for something else.

Like Luigi said: there is no problem. This is absolutely how it
is supposed to look. I do not know what you want precisely, but
apparently you are unhappy with the standard ConTeXt page layout.

That is fine, after all, it is only a default. Just play with
\setuplayout until you are happy (try \showlayout if you want to
see all of the currently used parameter values).  But there is
definately no bug in your installation.


 I am happy to test this but I am unsure how
 \pdfpagewidth (dimension)
 This dimension parameter specifies the page width of the pdf output (the
 screen, the paper, etc.). pdfTEX reads this parameter
 when it starts shipping out a page. After magnification has been changed by
 the \mag primitive, check that this parameter
 reflects the wished true page width.
 If the value is not given, the page width is calculated as wbox being
 shipped out + 2 × (horigin + \hoffset). When part of the page
 falls off the paper or screen, you can be rather sure that this 
 parameter is
 set wrong.
 On 12/30/06, luigi scarso [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

  I know there must be a fundamental answer, but I cannot fathom why
  everything is shifted left on the page.
 hmm, I don't see anything wrong;this is the standard setup.
 You can play with
 \input tufte
 \setuplayout[horoffset=3cm]%%% bang !
 \input tufte

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