[Numpy-discussion] Numpy 1.11.1rc1 release

2016-05-26 Thread Charles R Harris
Hi All, I am pleased to announce the release of Numpy 1.11.1rc1. The sources may be found on sourceforge and wheels for OS X, Windows, and Linux will be available on pypi sometime in the next few days. The pypi release is delayed due

Re: [Numpy-discussion] Fwd: ifft padding

2016-05-26 Thread Robert McLeod
Allen, Probably it needs to work in n-dimensions, like the existing np.fft.fftshift function does, with an optional axis=tuple parameter. I recall that fftshift is just an array indexing trick? It would be helpful to see what's faster, two fftshifts and a edge padding or your inter-padding.

[Numpy-discussion] AUTO: Leon Woo is out of the office (returning 06/06/2016)

2016-05-26 Thread Leon Woo
I am out of the office until 06/06/2016. For standard requests within the scope of EMG PWM Berlin, please write to EMG PWM Berlin@DBEMEA. For non-standard requests, please cc Hien Pham-Thu. Note: This is an automated response to your message "NumPy-Discussion Digest, Vol 116, Issue 39" sent