[nysbirds-l] Here today - gone tomorrow !

2018-11-11 Thread robert adamo
We spent all of Saturday, and most of Sunday up west. In the A.M. we watched our #3 grandson, Brendan, play for the Chaminade J.V. Football Team, which beat a good Cardinal Hayes squad, and qualified for the CHSAA championship against Iona Prep next Saturday...Go Flyers ! In the P.M., I went

[nysbirds-l] Rufous Hummingbird - Columbia County (in rehab)

2018-11-11 Thread Richard Guthrie
An immature female RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD was picked up, on Friday, Nov.9th, in a torpid state in Columbia County. She was turned over to the care of a licensed rehabilitator. The bird was emaciated with zero fat reserves. The hummingbird has been resuscitated and now doing well and feeding actively.

[nysbirds-l] Long Island barrier beaches - Evening Grosbeak, Red Crossbill, goshawk, etc - 11/11

2018-11-11 Thread Brendan Fogarty
Hello, There were lots of birds moving on today's nice NW winds. This is a moderately quick synopsis: After a brief dawn check of Jones Beach for the Gray Kingbird, which was not reported today (nor the Point Lookout Scissor-tailed Flycatcher), I joined a visible migration vigil at Robert Moses.

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden morning flight and Northern Shrike now

2018-11-11 Thread Doug Gochfeld
There is currently an excellent westbound morning flight underway at Fort Tilden in Queens including an Evening Grosbeak, and many Rusty Blackbirds and small finches. A juvenile Northern Shrike also just came in and is currently perched in a tree due south of Battery Harris. -Doug Gochfeld --