[nysbirds-l] Coney Island Birds

2012-03-11 Thread Rob Jett
Today I led a Linnaean Society group on what has become my usual winter walking loop of Coney Island, which includes the western end of the boardwalk to Coney Island Creek and back. When back at the boardwalk we also continued for a short distance, east, towards Brighton Beach. The whole walk

[nysbirds-l] Woodcocks at Jamaica Bay

2012-03-11 Thread Robert Bate
There were at least 6 American Woodcocks displaying, peenting and flying around in the shrub and grassy area just south of the visitor's center parking lot at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens County. They first appeared at 7:15 as the light was fading but could be seen peenting on the

[nysbirds-l] Montauk and nearby

2012-03-11 Thread Peter Priolo
Today visited Montuak Point and nearby coastal areas and saw the following. Point:Black ScoterSurf ScoterWhite-winged ScoterCommon EiderCommon MerganserLong-tailed DuckNorthern Gannet Harbor:Great CormorantRed-throated LoonCommon LoonLong-tailed Duck E. Lake Drive, Horse Field:Greater

[nysbirds-l] Pelham Bay Park and Co-Op City Ravens 3/10-11

2012-03-11 Thread Richard Aracil
Hello, Checked out Turtle Cove and the Orchard Beach Lagoon on Saturday. Highlights were a Brown Thrasher in the scrub between Turtle Cove and the driving range and a female Common Merganser on the lagoon. I watched the Ravens for about an hour this afternoon. From my vantage, the view is