[nysbirds-l] Pipits

2014-10-26 Thread Carney, Martin
While watching a cross-country meet at Van Cortlandt Park on Saturday I saw two Pipits on the parade grounds, maybe 80 yards due north of the tennis courts. Birds and runners seemed to coexist nicely. This was from about 1:30 to 3 pmCarney Martin -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

[nysbirds-l] Union Square

2014-10-26 Thread Schlesinger, Lee
?An hour or so in Union Square Park in Manhattan this afternoon produced nice results. Birds were quite active. In addition to the very common White-Throated Sparrows and the expected Hermit Thrushes and Robins (and other common species), I noted: Brown Creeper Towhee Catbird

[nysbirds-l] Great Neck Estates Pond Park and Environs

2014-10-26 Thread matt klein
It was a good day in Great Neck Estates Pond Park this morning. Lots and lots of the usuals - white throated sparrows and juncos. Also in good numbers were swamp sparrows and song sparrows as well as ruby crowned kinglets and yellow-rumped warblers. I also had good numbers of hermit

[nysbirds-l] Randalls Island Vespers (YES)

2014-10-26 Thread Alan Drogin
10 species of sparrows in Randalls Island today - highlight was 4-5 Vesper Sparrows - appearing in two places - the Salt Marsh and Field 42 at the north end. Also an abundance of Kinglets - both Ruby and Golden milling about the lawns. Alan -- NYSbirds-L List Info: