[nysbirds-l] Central Park geese

2016-03-09 Thread pwpost
The small Canada/Cackling Goose that I first reported on the Central Park (NY Co.) Reservoir on February 12th was still present today. In addition, also today, was a second similarly sized goose. This second bird, however, is not as dark as the other one, but is similar in color to the larger

[nysbirds-l] Fledgling Red Crossbill/Bohemian Waxwings/Black-backed Woodpeckers & more

2016-03-09 Thread Joan Collins
Pine Siskin numbers soared at our feeders after the first ice storm, but we had another ice storm on 3/2/16 and they sky-rocketed! I returned home on 3/2 to find all 20 feeders empty. The siskins were eating over 15 pounds of thistle seed and 15 pounds of sunflower hearts each day through 3/7.

[nysbirds-l] Woodcocks in Westchester

2016-03-09 Thread Joseph Wallace
My wife and I recently came upon a recovering wetland along Old Post Road in Armonk (opposite the Beehive restaurant). There's a stream and marshes and fields where there once a bowling alley stood (only the foundations and patches of parking lot remain) but are now NYS property. We went there