[nysbirds-l] on 2 NYS rarities, F.-t. Flycatcher & Painted Redstart, in separate locations

2020-10-19 Thread Thomas Fiore
Notes (only) on Fork-tailed Flycatcher, and Painted Redstart (as seen in NY state). I’d not ‘chased’ either of, but a few notes on the 2 rarities (for NYS, or the region) - ….. The Fork-tailed Flycatcher last seen at the location known as the “frying pan” off Ashokan reservoir in Ulster

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County, Sat. 10/17, incl. Amer. Bittern, 19 Warbler spp., many other migrants

2020-10-18 Thread Thomas Fiore
Saturday, Oct. 17th - In N.Y. County which includes Manhattan island, Randall’s Island, and Governors Island An American Bittern was found & photographed at Randall’s Island (NW ‘quadrant') by S. Blazer & D. Zappone. They - & many many other observers - also saw a lingering Red-throated Loon

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County incl. Manhattan (NYC) - 10/14 - Blue Grosbeak, Nelson's & other sparrows, etc.

2020-10-15 Thread Thomas Fiore
Wed., Oct. 14th - A Nelson’s Sparrow was found at Inwood Hill Park in northern Manhattan by Joe DiCostanzo & seen by multiple others, many of them also loyal regular birders in that park & more-generally northern Manhattan; this bird was still present thru the day there, & also nicely

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County (NYC), 10/13 - Am. G.-Plover (cont.), Nelson's Sparrows, Pine Siskins, etc.

2020-10-14 Thread Thomas Fiore
Tuesday, Oct. 13th - At Randall’s Island, just east of Manhattan island & ‘politically’ part of New York County (within N.Y. City), the juvenile-plumaged American Golden-Plover continued, and was again seen by multiple observers. Additionally, more of the seekers of this bird have been seeing

Re:[nysbirds-l] nysbirds-l] N.Y. County incl. Manhattan, NYC - 10/12 - Bonaparte's Gulls / (etc.)

2020-10-13 Thread Thomas Fiore
ded Gulls occurred in Central Park and Little Gulls > could regularly be seen in May from the Staten island Ferry (where they would > feed with Bonaparte’s Gulls in the Rip Tide off the south shore Governor’s > Island). > > Peter (Post) - - - - - - - >> On Oct 13, 2020,

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County incl. Manhattan, NYC - 10/12 - Bonaparte's Gulls, 2 Pluvialis plover spp., Ammospiza sparrows, other migrants, etc.

2020-10-13 Thread Thomas Fiore
Monday, “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”, Oct. 12th New York County (in N.Y. City) 3 Bonaparte’s Gulls were noted moving south down the Hudson river, in early afternoon (A. Farnsworth) - although a very ‘rare’ sighting for the county, this species is almost certainly annual of occurrence in the

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County (NYC) - American Golden-Plover (thank you!), Y-br. Chat, 24+ warbler spp., & etc. - Sunday, 10/11

2020-10-12 Thread Thomas Fiore
First & foremost, Congratulations to Gloria Hong of Manhattan for the first in New York County (!) find of an American Golden-Plover - on Friday, 10/9 - AND for the re-find of that same bird on Sun., 10/11 (!!) - with great & diagnostic photos within eBird checklists, both (days’ lists) very

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC - major migration again Thurs., 10/8 - also Wilson's Snipe at Central Park, etc.

2020-10-09 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (in N.Y. County), N.Y. City - Thursday, Oct. 8 - A cold front passed early on the prior night, with a few showers locally, while a stronger rain came thru parts of New England also Wed. night; this front was pushed through all of the region on very gusty NW winds which continued all

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County (NYC), 10/2 - 10/7 - Henslow's Sparrow, & many other migrants

2020-10-08 Thread Thomas Fiore
VERY extra-limital, but a major rarity for the western U.S. in particular, if the sighting is fully accepted, a EUROPEAN Golden-Plover was noted from Colfax County in northern New Mexico (U.S.A.) & is an extremely unusual sighting for the central or western US away from Alaska, and is generally

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County (in N.Y. City) Thurs., 10/1 - Lark Sparrow, Y.-br. Chat, Blue Grosbeak, E. Meadowlark, Monk Parakeet, etc.

2020-10-02 Thread Thomas Fiore
Extralimital, & occurring at that 'other-galaxy’ (not so far away) for birds known as Cape May, N.J., an amazing 3rd local/county/state record (and the 3rd year in a row, at Cape May Point) was discovered (& banded by licensed banders) and observed on Thursday, Oct. 1st, after the banding, by

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County 9/25-30 - Swainson's Hawk, W.Kingbird, Blue Grosbeak, etc.

2020-10-01 Thread Thomas Fiore
Besides possible finches such as Pine Siskin & perhaps others, have an eye on Chickadees should any turn up where not always seen, & the more so if many Black-capped seem to be on the move; there is slight evidence already of a bit of movement - the more-northerly-breeding species is capable of

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC Sat., 9/26 - (at least) 3 Connecticut Warblers! (+ other notes)

2020-09-26 Thread Thomas Fiore
Saturday, 26 September - Manhattan, N.Y. City Hearty congratulations to several of the very latest of finders of Connecticut Warbler for Manhattan (N.Y. County, in N.Y. City) - with two individual birds (at least) for the morning being found in 2 very widely-separated locations (and as with

[nysbirds-l] Queens Co. NYC Yellow-headed Blackbird notes (-& an Amer. Bittern for Manhattan, on 9/25)

2020-09-25 Thread Thomas Fiore
2 Manhattan (N.Y. City) notes for Friday, 9/25: the American Bittern found & photographed by Danny Karlson, and seen by others later, was the likely bird-of-the-day for the county, at Inwood Hill Park (at the marsh area, where there also was, appropriately enough, a Marsh Wren, this latter one

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 9/21-24 - Pine Siskins, Red-headed WP, 25+ warbler spp., etc.

2020-09-25 Thread Thomas Fiore
A brightly-plumaged male Yellow-headed Blackbird was continuing into Thursday/24th, in Queens County, N.Y. at the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park site where previously seen regularly, sightings a bit south of the boathouse at Meadow Lake; thanks to all the many observers-reporters over this bird’s

[nysbirds-l] Connecticut Warbler redux, Central Park (+ Manhattan), N.Y.C., 9/21

2020-09-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, N.Y. City (& also Manhattan & Randall’s Island, all in New York County) - Yet another Connecticut Warbler for Central Park & N.Y. County, this one lingering, but tough to see, near the Wildflower Meadow, in the park’s n. end, first discovered on Sunday, 9/20 & still present Mon.,

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 9/17-18-19-20 - Summer Tan., Blue Grosbeak, Lark Sparrow, 30 spp. of Warblers, etc.

2020-09-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
A WOOD Sandpiper was New Jersey’s first (if accepted by that state’s avian records committee), found on Sept. 20th by Milton Collins & (later) with many-many-dozens of others observing well before day’s end; see the New Jersey rare bird alerts and so forth for details, photos & commentary etc.-

[nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC - Sat., 9/19 - 27 Warbler species: 1 day

2020-09-20 Thread Thomas Fiore
At Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City on Saturday, 19 September - No fewer than 27 species of American Warblers were found, with multiple observers of all of the species. Additionally, a minimum of 25 of these species were seen in the Ramble & its immediate vicinity, defined as within 50 meters

[nysbirds-l] Central Park NYC - Fri. 9/18 - Lark & Clay-colored Sparrows, etc.

2020-09-19 Thread Thomas Fiore
A sad one to report, a PROTHONOTARY Warbler was found as a victim of a window-strike in Battery Park City (lower west Manhattan), by C. McRae, on Thursday, 9/17. In any event, a species which can occur at this time of the year in our area. The species has been seen even to Oct. (if rarely)

[nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC Wed., 9/16 - Lark & Clay-colored Sparrows, etc.

2020-09-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Wednesday, 16 September - The Lark Sparrow & 2 Clay-colored Sparrows at the north end of Central Park, both immediately s. of The Meer, near & at the Compost Area (which is west of Fifth Ave. near about E. 104-105th Streets), east of the East

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County/Manhattan (NYC), 9/11-15 - RED Phalarope, Dunlin, E. Whip-poor-will, 22+ Warbler spp., etc.

2020-09-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Some may have seen the bird-news that a MASKED Booby (in sub-adult plumage) was photographed off of Cape May, New Jersey, near Cold Spring Inlet, on Tuesday, 9/15. ….. N.Y. County (in N.Y. City), including Manhattan - Friday, Sept. 11th, through Tuesday, Sept. 15th. The noticeable haze in the

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 9/6-7-8-9-10 - Dickcissel, 2 Soras, 22+ Warbler species, etc.

2020-09-11 Thread Thomas Fiore
Some extra-limital rarities, the first 3 them not so very far from parts of N.Y. state, in particular the site of a rare plover in northwest Vermont, very near to Clinton County, NY. Note that in the case of that, as well as (especially) the first rarity listed below, it’s possible/probable

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, Tues.-Sat., 9/1-5 - migration

2020-09-06 Thread Thomas Fiore
For those who’ve never seen (or even heard-of) an albinistic hummingbird, here’s a chance, at least in photos - and these are real, not ‘faux', via a real Arkansas birder. Rare, but it happens. https://ebird.org/checklist/S73069115 -&-

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan/N.Y. County, 8/29-30-31

2020-08-31 Thread Thomas Fiore
For those who keep an ‘eye’ to bird sightings across the U.S.A. (or beyond), it’s apparent that Red-breasted Nuthatches are turning up in parks, yards, etc. from Maine across to at least the front range hills of the Rocky Mtns.; many observers reporting in such ways as “first I’ve seen for

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County/Manhattan, NYC 8/26-27

2020-08-28 Thread Thomas Fiore
N.Y. County (including Manhattan, in N.Y. City) received a fair share of migrants as this report’s period started - it was even more so in some of the other 4 counties (a.k.a. boroughs) of N.Y. City, and many more species were found in those counties in total, including some regular-but-rare

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County 8/20-25: migration

2020-08-26 Thread Thomas Fiore
The following statement has been made by the American Bird Conservancy, a non-profit organization: 'On August 11, 2020, a U.S. federal court overturned a reinterpretation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) that had upended decades of enforcement and let industry polluters off the hook for

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, Aug. 12-19 - 22 spp. of Warblers, Y.-br. Chat, more migrants

2020-08-19 Thread Thomas Fiore
Wednesday Aug. 12th thru Wednesday, Aug. 19th - New York County (in N.Y. City) including Manhattan: Only a sampler of some sightings, with a number of nice recently-found species. Further reports in coming days with more complete listing of migrants for New York County (a county in N.Y. City)

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County, NYC - storm & other birds; migration, July into Aug.

2020-08-11 Thread Thomas Fiore
Always tough to read of the issues on overly-high water-levels & etc. at the renowned East Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens Co. (NYC), however somewhat nicer news to see that Marbled Godwit were among shorebirds noted (that one also photo’d) at the shores of Ruffle Bar as seen via

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 6/3-4-5-6

2020-06-06 Thread Thomas Fiore
Addendum to prior evenings - just before imposed curfews by the state & city of New York, Common Nighthawks were observed, on Sunday, May 31st as well as Tuesday, June 2nd. Some of the nighthawks came thru well before sunset, each of those evenings. And there were also tens if not hundreds of

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, May 30 - June 2

2020-06-02 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (part of N.Y. County, in N.Y. City) Saturday, 5/30 through Tuesday, 6/2, 2020 - New spring sightings (as fast-flyovers only) included Mississippi Kite, Semipalmated Plover, Short-billed Dowitcher. — Sat., 5/30 - Several lines of showers as part of a weather front pushed thru the

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County - 5/26-27-28-29 (ongoing migration)

2020-05-29 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (in New York County, & in N.Y. City) Tuesday, May 26 through Friday, May 29: -- Tuesday, 5/26 - Great migration overnight Monday-Tues., for much of N.Y. state, a bit less for the city than points to the west & north but a lot of fresh arrival anyhow, into the early locally-dense fog.

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County - 5/21-22-23-24-25

2020-05-25 Thread Thomas Fiore
Exaltations and bird-joy to all New York’s birders, who have been finding, observing, recording & reporting so many great sightings. -- New York County (N.Y. City) including Manhattan Thursday, May 21st, through Monday, May 25th - As somewhat anticipated, the delays in many of the typical for

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County 5/17-18-19-20 (still more migration)

2020-05-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
Plenty more of May, and migration is ongoing - and going… (we have not at all come to Blackpoll Warbler/female saturation, & it will be interesting to see when that gets in full-gear this year). As a further note to May 15th, one (of several found on the day) Golden-winged Warbler was

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC - 5/14-15-16 - migration, much!

2020-05-17 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (in New York County, a part of N.Y. City) - Thursday thru Saturday, May 14, 15, & 16th. New Arrivals included - SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER, CASPIAN TERN, COMMON TERN, ACADIAN FLYCATCHER, (and presumed ALDER FLYCATCHER, YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER), AMERICAN PIPIT, & possibly some others

[nysbirds-l] strong migration Manhattan & N.Y. County (in N.Y. City), Friday, 5/15

2020-05-15 Thread Thomas Fiore
May 15th, 2020 - Friday - a lot of migrants. The ongoing good migration may have become even stronger, with more of the mid-season species of May, & some of the later-season migrants also starting to show. At least 4 (FOUR) RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS moved across from the north side viewpoint of

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC 5/8-9-10-11-12-13 (many, many migrants)

2020-05-14 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (part of N.Y. County, in N.Y. City) - May 8th through May 13th: Arrivals included LEAST SANDPIPER, WILLOW FLYCATCHER, OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH, YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT, KENTUCKY WARBLER, MOURNING WARBLER - as well as many species of migrants that heretofore had been

[nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC Sunday, May 10 - Blue Grosbeak, Red-headed Woodpecker, & more

2020-05-10 Thread Thomas Fiore
Sunday, Mother’s Day - May 10th A fine morning & mid-day of birding in Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. City) with Brenda Inskeep and other birders also along the way. Highlights for me included a male BLUE GROSBEAK spotted & called by Brenda at the far-north end of the park’s wooded area, as

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC Tues. thru Thursday, 5/5, 5/6, & 5/7 incl. Cerulean, Golden-winged, & Yellow-throated Warblers & more

2020-05-08 Thread Thomas Fiore
As a ‘late’ update, on early Friday a.m. (May 8th - 5-6:30 a.m.), there were also Bobolink & Greater Yellowlegs passing thru / over the n.w. sector of Central Park (in Manhattan, N.Y. City & County) - and the long-long-staying RED-HEADED Woodpecker was in it’s oft-usual tree, w. of the N.

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County 5/1-2-3-4, incl. Summer Tanagers, Clay-colored Sparrow, Prothonotary Warblers, & much more of migration

2020-05-05 Thread Thomas Fiore
In looking back, a Nashville Warbler was likely the first warbler of the year reported (& photographed) for N.Y. County since one was found on Randall’s Island, by J.Keane, on January 4, 2020. ... A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER continued on in Central Park, at its 6+ months-long territory into May,

[nysbirds-l] Central Park & Manhattan, NYC, Sunday 5/3

2020-05-03 Thread Thomas Fiore
Another brief update to some migrant birds in Manhattan - Please note, there is a widespread program in N.Y. City now to distribute FREE face-masks to anyone who requests, and this is happening around (among other areas) larger parks of the city, with the N.Y.P.D., Urban Parks Rangers, & others

[nysbirds-l] many migrants, Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC 5/2

2020-05-02 Thread Thomas Fiore
As of Saturday, May 2nd, Manhattan island (which is part of New York County, in N.Y. City) alone had at least 2-dozen warbler species on the day with highlights of Cerulean, Cape May, multiple Blackburnian, several Hooded, & Worm-eating Warblers, and all of the early-arriving warbler species, &

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 4/28-29-30 - incl. flyover SANDHILL CRANE, & a strong migration overall

2020-04-30 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (in N.Y. County), N.Y. City - Tues. 28 April thru Thursday 30 April - An EASTERN WILLET (a very rare find for N.Y. County) was seen moving up the East River (A.Farnsworth), Wed., 4/29. A super sighting, Andrew! Persistent observation pays off (and having an idea when to make the

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 4/25-26-27 - Blue Grosbeak, Grasshopper Sparrow lingering, & more

2020-04-27 Thread Thomas Fiore
A note to N.Y. City folks, on Tuesday 4/28 in (about) the noon-hour, there is a scheduled & announced fly-over for at least 3 or 4 boroughs (counties) of that city, by the U.S.A.F. ‘Thunderbirds' and the U.S.N. ‘Blue Angels’ aircraft, in honor of all who have been working in this time of viral

[nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC 4/25 - Grasshopper Sparrow, & new arrivals

2020-04-25 Thread Thomas Fiore
Saturday, 25 April - At Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. City) a Grasshopper Sparrow was again present in same area as on 4/23-24, so-called “sparrow rock”, a set of small lawns with fairly flat bedrock outcrops, immediately east of the park’s West Drive, near W. 83rd to 84th Sts.; this area can

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, 4/21-22-23

2020-04-24 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan / N.Y. County (in N.Y. City), Tuesday, April 21 through Thursday, April 23 - A very active weather period, as has been so for much of this month in the region (& southern U.S. also, where almost all of our northbound migrants pass through reaching us). A Grasshopper Sparrow in

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC 4/17-18-19-20

2020-04-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
Of note - & not all too far from NY state - was a Townsend’s Warbler in the New Haven, Connecticut area, a long-awaited state-first record, & discovered by Paul Desjardins, a long-time observer of that state’s birds; the warbler was later seen by many others & apparently all able to

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC 4/12-13-14-15-16

2020-04-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Perhaps of interest esp. to birders from N.Y. City eastwards (& near-coastally), a Prothonotary Warbler was photographed on Nantucket island (part of Massachusetts) on 4/15, & on 4/16 Blue Grosbeak was also photo’d. on that island. As had been noted previously, a modest spring-overshoot of at

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC 4/8-9-10-11

2020-04-12 Thread Thomas Fiore
The RED-HEADED WOODPECKER which has been present for nearly 6 full months continues in Central Park, near the West Drive (park roadway) & between the North Meadow ballfields’ southwest sector, & the cindered bridle path immediately east of the park’s W. Drive - watching for this bird can be

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, N.Y.C. April 4-5-6-7

2020-04-08 Thread Thomas Fiore
Even with the current situation [rightly] limiting longer-distance birding for many including myself, it seems fine to note the Crested Caracara that’s been confirmed as a fly-over sighting from Kingston (Ulster County), NY on April 4th - the report on that is in eBird. A separate note of

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC thru 3/31

2020-04-01 Thread Thomas Fiore
Tuesday, 31 March, 2020 - New York County, including Manhattan & other smaller isles. (N.Y. County is one part of New York City, which has 5 counties, or ‘boroughs’.) Tuesday (& to a smaller extent Mon. & the prior few days) brought fresh influx of spring migrants - for the most part, of

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, Friday 3/27

2020-03-28 Thread Thomas Fiore
A strong push of early migration occured over the region Thursday night to early Friday. The full list of birds seen by multiple observers, spread all around the county (including Manhattan & also outlying isles & waters) for Friday 3/27 was more than 100 species - and that is a lot for this

[nysbirds-l] Great Egret, Manhattan, NYC 3/25

2020-03-25 Thread Thomas Fiore
Wed., 25 March, 2020 - Manhattan, N.Y. City A finely-plumed Great Egret plunked down in the small pond in Morningside Park on Wed. morn’ - a number of neighborhood folk & passersby, including me & my camera, were enjoying the sight there as I walked up. The exact site is off Manhattan Ave.

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan & N.Y. County (NYC), since-spring-started, 3/20-21-22:

2020-03-24 Thread Thomas Fiore
New York County (in N.Y. City), including Manhattan & 2 other/smaller isles. On a very rainy Monday, in a very-nearly-deserted Central Park, I found & photographed 3 LESSER Scaup (a female & 2 brightly-plumaged males) on the reservoir, nearer to the N/NW side & occasionally swimming amongst N.

[nysbirds-l] 'the Egret has [not] landed' - 'Manhattan'-NYC birds as spring arrives...

2020-03-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
A few readers have requested any photos of the Wood Thrush which spent much of the winter just ended around the southeast parts of Central Park - an unusual, unexpected but not wholly unprecedented winter visitor in N.Y. City, & also not new to Central Park in winter, although very

[nysbirds-l] W. Bronx birds, NYC - Mon. 3/16 - E. Meadowlark, etc.

2020-03-17 Thread Thomas Fiore
Monday, 16 March - [west] Bronx County, N.Y. City: A fairly brief look in a small portion of Van Cortlandt Park late in the day revealed at least a few nice birds for the last week of winter - an Eastern Meadowlark, a few Killdeer, and several E. Bluebirds all on the Parade Ground sports field

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 3/14 - L.-t. Duck in Central Park, & (many) other birds

2020-03-14 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan, N.Y. City - Saturday, 14 March - It’s been a while since one of New York County’s Long-tailed Ducks visited Central Park, and thanks to M.B. Kooper for her a.m. report in eBird, the female LONG-TAILED DUCK at the Central Park reservoir has been viewed by many who’ve come out. Also

[nysbirds-l] N.Y. County (NYC) additional birds, Feb. 17th

2020-02-18 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan / New York County, N.Y. City 2/17: A couple of nice finds on Monday / Presidents’ Day 2/17 included a duo of Canvasbacks, photo’d. in the morning at the Hudson River piers area near but mainly north of “Clinton Cove Park” up to near 57th St. & north, & last noticed to the north.

[nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC Sunday, Feb. 16: R.-h. Woodpecker, B.-t. Grackle, Am. Woodcock, many more birds

2020-02-17 Thread Thomas Fiore
Among highlights found & photographed by multiple observers in Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. City) throughout Sunday, February 16 were these birds: BOAT-TAILED GRACKLE, RED-HEADED WOODPECKER, WOOD DUCK, RED-BREASTED MERGANSER, GREEN-WINGED TEAL, AMERICAN WOODCOCK, MERLIN, EASTERN TOWHEE, and

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 12/24-29 - Brown Pelican, uncommon Gulls, R-h. Woodpecker, & much more!

2019-12-29 Thread Thomas Fiore
It has been an exciting, interesting week or so for those doing Christmas Bird Counts, & their scouting as well as pre / post birding in that manner (effort!) and among the latest of wonderful discoveries - Thank You, John Gluth for getting word out for your find of a TOWNSEND'S Warbler for the

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan / N.Y. County, NYC 12/14-18

2019-12-20 Thread Thomas Fiore
It may be interesting for New York birders to view this brief summary, of highlighted birds seen on a recent C.B.C. in Cape May County, N.J. in part as an indicator for how extensive are some of the species (and groups of species) lingerings, late to (some) very late in the year - and how that

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan NYC Brown Pelican; etc. 12/10-11-12

2019-12-13 Thread Thomas Fiore
A Brown PELICAN first noted on Tuesday, Dec. 10th was been seen (& photographed) just off Battery Park, again on Wed., Dec. 11th, at the southern end of Manhattan island in New York City; the brown pelican has been seen on its rounds watching from the edge of NY harbor, near the s. section of

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan/N.Y. County, NYC 11/29 - 12/5 - ICELAND GULL, VEERY & more!

2019-12-05 Thread Thomas Fiore
An interesting assemblage of birds, many of the more-unexpected for the late date[s] being normally neotropical-wintering species; with also a good showing by very-much expected species, including recent arrivals & lingerers which have been typical for this time of year (end of November, start

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC Friday 8/23 - Y.-br. Chat, many more migrants

2019-08-24 Thread Thomas Fiore
As noted partly below, there is a major migration underway for Saturday, -by actual birds that are moving and observations of millions of migrants, through all of the northeast of the North American continent. (radar, too.) - - - - Friday, 23 August, 2019 - Manhattan, N.Y. City - including

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 8/19-22 (&, R.I.P. Ida Giriunas, Mass-birder extraordinaire)

2019-08-23 Thread Thomas Fiore
Ida Giriunas, well-known to generations of Massachusetts & regional birders and a mentor and inspiration to many, has left us to meet her maker. Long a stalwart of the Brookline Bird Club of Massachusetts, she was active and had been at the forefront of making serious pelagic birding a part of

[nysbirds-l] Prothonotary Warbler (4th day), Central Park, NYC 8/19

2019-08-19 Thread Thomas Fiore
Monday, 19 August, 2019 Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - A male Prothonotary Warbler has lingered in Central Park’s southeast ‘corner’ by The Pond, at the west edges of Hallett Sanctuary in particular, since first found & photographed by Junko Suzuki on Friday, 8/16 - on Monday 8/19,

[nysbirds-l] Prothonotary Warbler, Central Park, NYC 8/16

2019-08-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Friday, 16th August, 2019 Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - A bright (apparent male) Prothonotary Warbler has been found (& photographed, by J. Suzuki) at The Pond, in Central Park’s southeast quadrant & corner. The sighting at least as first-discovered was around the waterfall feature,

[nysbirds-l] Bronx County (N.Y. City) Wilson's Phalarope records (older, relevant to new)

2019-08-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Regarding recent sightings & reports of Bronx County (N.Y. City) waders (a.k.a. shorebirds to many Americans) - With the interest & excitement of such a fine showing of shorebirds in even the northern realms of N.Y. City, & as exemplified by keen birders getting out & finding them -& including

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 8/9 & prior days (incl. White-rumped Sandpiper, Semipalmated Plover, & more)

2019-08-10 Thread Thomas Fiore
Many birders all around the country have taken note (& some have seen) the remarkable influx northwards of Brown Booby - in this year so far, this species has shown up in waters of, or offshore from - North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Maine, and the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, and

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan (migration), NYC 8/1-2-3 - 18 warbler spp. including multiple Ceruleans, & more

2019-08-04 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan (and New York County) migrants, in New York City: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd of August, 2019 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) August migratory movements have begun… & while many of those birds of passage are sought near shores & on mudflats, there are also birds of field, forest, fen, &, with

[nysbirds-l] migration, Manhattan, NYC 7/25 & prior days (11 warbler spp.-none unexpected, & etc.)

2019-07-26 Thread Thomas Fiore
Some may have been aware by now of the sighting of a Common Wood-Pigeon (a European species, with no prior records for North America) from May 5 thru 13, 2019 at the locality of La Romaine, Quebec (Canada), a site near to Labrador. This sighting - and the excellent photos obtained - could be a

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan & N.Y. County summer birds, etc.

2019-06-26 Thread Thomas Fiore
New York County, which includes Manhattan, N.Y. City -since starting of summer- Pied-billed Grebe, & Black Vulture (the vultures are semi-regular if looked for, esp. soaring over & near the Palisades cliffs across the Hudson river, over N.J. air-space, but observable from the near-Hudson shore

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 6/16-21 (ongoing Mourning Warbler into summer, & 7 other warbler spp., etc.)

2019-06-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan, N.Y. City - Sunday to Friday, 16 thru 21 June, 2019 The least-expected creature I saw at Bryant Park Thursday, around mid-day, with some breaks of sun & the sight of a patch of blue sky, was (an adult male) BAR-WINGED SKIMMER - no, that’s not some exotic 'long-winged Larid' from

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC (8 warbler spp., lingering & nesting species, & etc.)

2019-06-14 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan, N.Y. City - week of June 9th thru 14th, 2019 (Sunday- Friday/14th) Still hanging in at Bryant Park, in midtown Manhattan, were at least 3 warblers - Mourning (female), Ovenbird, and Common Yellowthroats (2), along with Hermit Thrush, Gray Catbird (at least 3), Eastern Towhee, Swamp

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 6/5-6 (warblers & dwindling migrant diversity)

2019-06-06 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan, N.Y. City - Wednesday, 5 June and Thursday, 6 June, 2019 Migration, although now much reduced for songbirds & various other migrants, continued at reasonable pace for the first week in June in Manhattan. A modest number of species also were still being seen which typically start to

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/29-30 (Prothonotary Warbler, singing Bicknell's Thrush, Mourning Warblers, & more)

2019-05-30 Thread Thomas Fiore
Wednesday & Thursday, 29 & 30 May, 2019 Manhattan, N.Y. City - A lingering male PROTHONOTARY Warbler which I reported on previously continued 2 more days & nights into Thursday 5/30 in Central Park, at & along the Lake shore on the west side of the Ramble. It has moved around along that shore

[nysbirds-l] Prothonotary & other warblers, Central Park, NYC 5/28

2019-05-28 Thread Thomas Fiore
TUESDAY, 28 May, 2018 - w/ notes for Sunday, 5/26 Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City A male Prothonotary Warbler was found (I believe by Adrian Burke), around the area where the Gill (a small stream flowing west thru Central Park’s Ramble area) flows out to the Lake (the portion of the lake

[nysbirds-l] Mourning & other warblers, Manhattan, NYC 5/23

2019-05-24 Thread Thomas Fiore
Keeping up its rep. for rare & all sorts of birds, expected or not, Cape May Point (at the southern tip of New Jersey) on Thursday (5/23) produced a Yellow-green Vireo, a species that is mostly found in Mexico & Central & South America, & is uncommon at best in some parts of the U.S.-Mexico

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/21-22 (Summer Tanagers, & more migrants)

2019-05-23 Thread Thomas Fiore
A Black-necked STILT was discovered & photographed at the main pool in Montezuma N.W.R. in Seneca County, NY on Wed., 5/21 and seen by a number of observers; I believe the discovery was made there by Logan Kahle [?] … & another observer noted a few more specifics as being: “west of the Seneca

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/18-19-20 (incl. Y.-br. Chat, Chuck-wills-widow, Philly Vireo)

2019-05-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
The two BLACK-NECKED STILTS found & photographed at Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area in Geneseo, NY (Genesee County) on May 20th are certainly notable. One of the same species was found & also was photographed at Baie-du-Febvre, on Lac Saint-Pierre, Quebec (Canada) on May 18th, & was also

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan & New York County, NYC 5/16-17

2019-05-17 Thread Thomas Fiore
An amazing discovery by Jennifer Kepler of a Burrowing Owl at the Jamaica Bay refuge area’s “Big Egg marsh” in Queens County, NY on Thursday, 5/16 - congratulations to her & the lucky few other observers. The owl was also photographed there, on THURSDAY. -- Manhattan & New York County,

[nysbirds-l] small correction: Swainson's Warbler/p.m. location: Central Park, NYC 5/16

2019-05-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Thursday p.m., 5/16 - Swainson’s Warbler redux: In my previous post, the direction given coming north from the Bow Bridge is correct, but do not go either far left or right off the bridge if coming across from the non-wooded side to the more wooded Ramble

[nysbirds-l] Swainson's Warbler, Central Park, NYC (p.m. locations, Thursday, 5/16)

2019-05-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Thursday, 16 May, 2019 - The Swainson’s Warbler in the Ramble area of Central Park (Manhattan, N.Y. City) had moved just a bit, essentially along the shore / vicinity of The Lake, traveling farther north from Bow Bridge, BUT has come back to closer to where first found in the morning: nearer

[nysbirds-l] Swainson's Warbler, Central Park, NYC (Thursday 5/16)

2019-05-16 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Thursday, 16 May, 2019 A SWAINSON'S WARBLER has been reported by Benjamin Van Doren on his personal twitter feed, with precisely these comments (quote): “Swainson’s Warbler seen and singing just north of Bow Bridge in the Ramble”. That location is a

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/11-15 (Evening Grosbeaks, Blue Grosbeaks, Yellow-throated Warbler 5/15, & more)

2019-05-15 Thread Thomas Fiore
A White-faced Ibis was reported after noon by K. Thompson on Wednesday, 15 May at Hecksher State Park, Nassau Co. NY as were at least 65 Glossy Ibis in the same area. 2 Cattle Egrets (together) were photographed and reported by B. Nott & L. Scrima (& also seen by others) at the Walkill N.W.R.

[nysbirds-l] Evening Grosbeak, Central Park, NYC (Tues., 4/14)

2019-05-14 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Tuesday, 14 May, 2019: An EVENING Grosbeak was among birds observed Tuesday morning (5/14) in the Ramble section; this during a group bird-walk for & by the American Museum of Natural History's leader & participants. Many other migrants are also present

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/4 thru 5/8 (Central Park Evening Grosbeak, E. Whip-poor-will, Kentucky Warbler, many other migrants)

2019-05-08 Thread Thomas Fiore
A breeding-plumaged male Painted Bunting was photographed in St. Lawrence County, NY on Tuesday, May 7th. See: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S55985451 Prothonotary Warbler and Cerulean Warbler found Wednesday May 8th at a location in Suffolk

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/2 & 5/3 (Thurs., & Friday w/multiple Cerulean Warblers)

2019-05-03 Thread Thomas Fiore
Worth noting that the Nassau County, NY Black-necked Stilt was continuing at the Lido Beach Passive Nature Area on Friday, 3 May, along with other, more-expected species there. -- Manhattan (& other New York County sites), N.Y. City Friday, 3 May, 2019 - Multiple male CERULEAN Warblers have

[nysbirds-l] 30th warbler sp., Central Park NYC 5/2

2019-05-03 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - May 2, 2019 Thursday (May 2nd) brought at least 30 warbler species to just this one city park, with Bay-breasted Warbler also added to the list of those seen (& photographed) there. This warbler tally is without adding Cerulean Warbler, although with

[nysbirds-l] Central Park, NYC - Thursday, 5/2 - Blue Grosbeak, 29+ warbler spp.; Summer Tanager @W.48th Street, & more

2019-05-02 Thread Thomas Fiore
Thursday, 2nd May, 2019 - Manhattan, N.Y. City and New York County, including Central Park & other parks A Kentucky Warbler was found in the north end of Central Park - please NOTE - any & all amplified sounds without a valid permit, anywhere in this park, are prohibited by law - signage is

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 5/1 (Summer Tanagar, Blue Grosbeak, Yellow-throated Warbler, & other migrants)

2019-05-02 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan, N.Y. City - Wednesday, 1st of May: An adult male Summer Tanager continued at the Clinton Community Garden, on West 48th St. - between Ninth & Tenth Avenues. It could again be viewed through a fence, even when this garden space was locked. Also continuing (in northern Manhattan) was

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC Tues., 4/30 (2 Summer Tanagers; more migrants)

2019-05-01 Thread Thomas Fiore
Manhattan, N.Y. City - & some sightings from outlying isles also in New York County Mostly Tuesday, 30 April (& some sightings in a list for Monday & Tues. 4/29-30), 2019 - A second male Summer Tanager was found in the northwest sector of Central Park, seen & photo’d by over a dozen observers

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC Tues., 4/30 (Summer Tanager, Blue Grosbeak, Golden-winged & other Warbler spp., +)

2019-04-30 Thread Thomas Fiore
It seems reasonable to place here a note on the reported-photographed Magnificent Frigatebird seen on Saturday, April 27th by at least 2 observers, at Hamlin Beach state park in Monroe County, NY - see: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S55477515 - - - - - Tuesday, 30 April, 2019 -

[nysbirds-l] Summer Tanager, Manhattan, NYC: Monday, 4/29 (w/notes on some other N.Y. migrants)

2019-04-29 Thread Thomas Fiore
Monday, 29 April, 2019 - Just to add it into the day’s record here on this list-serve, the ongoing state-rarity BLACK-NECKED STILT was seen Monday 4/29 at Nickerson beach, southern Nassau County, NY (a.k.a. Lido Beach Passive Nature Reserve). -- A male Summer Tanager in near-pristine

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC Wed., 4/24 (good arrival of migrants)

2019-04-24 Thread Thomas Fiore
One note from the Bronx (county) from Tuesday, 4/23, a Red-headed Woodpecker was reported along with more-regular species at Pelham Bay Park in the Hunter Island area, by M. Janssen. --- Wednesday, 24 April, 2019 - Manhattan, N.Y. City An uptick locally in the numbers of Gray Catbird is a

[nysbirds-l] Prothonotary Warbler, Central Park, NYC Monday 4/22

2019-04-22 Thread Thomas Fiore
Monday, 22 April, 2019 - Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City I discovered a male Prothonotary Warbler around 4:30 pm on a rather rainy afternoon, at The Pond in the southeastern corner of the park, seen by chance on a walk not really seeking birds (and no bins in hand); luckily, a few others

[nysbirds-l] Black-necked Stilt, 2 AMGO @Nickerson Beach, Nassau Co., Monday 4/22

2019-04-22 Thread Thomas Fiore
Monday, 22 April - A Black-necked Stilt & 2 American Golden Plovers, with some other shorebirds were again reported as of mid-morning at Nickerson beach, southern Nassau County, N.Y. … At the northern edge of Manhattan (N.Y. City) 2 Blue Grosbeaks, 1 male & 1 apparent female were found &

re:[nysbirds-l] Black-necked Stilt, Nassau County NY 4/22! (Monday), & re: Forest Park (Queens Co.) 4/21

2019-04-22 Thread Thomas Fiore
There is at least 1 very early a.m. Monday 4/22 report of the Black-necked Stilt, as well as 2 American Golden-Plovers being seen at Nickerson Beach in Nassau County, NY. See: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S55254216 (I’ve not been, just passing

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 4/21- add'l. notes (& out-of-state rare & early birds)

2019-04-22 Thread Thomas Fiore
So as not to have this be only in response to the post by Patricia Lindsay, on the events of a “slingshot" migrant event, or what I’ll call a migrant-overshoot event, or set of events, spanning several recent days, & culminating (maybe) in one truly-rare-for-New England species…as noted and

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC Sunday 4/21 - new migrant arrivals, etc.

2019-04-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
Easter Sunday, 21 April, 2019 - A nice fresh arrival of various migrants on Easter Sunday morning at Central Park & elsewhere in Manhattan, N.Y. City, even if none (so far) nearly as notable (!) as the Black-necked Stilt being seen by multiple obs. at Nickerson Beach in southern Nassau County,

[nysbirds-l] Manhattan, NYC 4/17-18-19-20 (E. Whip-poor-will, & many other migrants)

2019-04-21 Thread Thomas Fiore
Migration was in progress Saturday evening into Sunday 4/21 and some new arrivals are much anticipated locally and regionally. -- Manhattan and New York County (including Randall’s Island & Governors Island) - & the East River & Hudson river adjacent to & part of the preceding - Note re:

[nysbirds-l] Yellow-throated Warbler, Central Park, NYC - Friday 4/19

2019-04-19 Thread Thomas Fiore
Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City (just south of the C.P. reservoir) Good Friday, 19 April, 2019 - An occasionally singing and calling Yellow-throated Warbler has been along the Central Park bridle path adjacent to the south side of the reservoir; about mid-way along the path, reasonably

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