[nysbirds-l] Fw: [ebirdsnyc] Restoration Central Park Ramble and Ravinee

2015-05-28 Thread Patricia Pollock
To everyone in our birding community:  Please read the following. When I see restoration of the Ramble and the Ravine I am deeply frightened.  I'd like to hear what others make of this.  The meeting on W. 60th Street is in a few days.  Pat Pollock - Forwarded Message - From:

Re:[nysbirds-l] Restoration Central Park Ramble and Ravinee

2015-05-28 Thread Ed Gaillard
This--a different Community Board meeting about what seems to be the same plan--shows up on the Central Park Conservancy website: http://www.centralparknyc.org/events/individual-events/community-board-5-landmarks.html Community Board 5 Joint Parks Public Spaces / Landmarks Committee Meeting

[nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull YES :Kings County

2015-05-28 Thread Sean Sime
The Franklin's Gull is currently working the easternmost shoreline of Plum Beach, Brooklyn. Sean Sime Brooklyn, NY Sent from my iPhone -- NYSbirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsRULES

[nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull video

2015-05-28 Thread John Gluth
Courtesy of Isaac Grant, I've uploaded the video he captured of the FRANKLIN'S GULL mating with a Laughing Gull to Flickr. Link below. https://www.flickr.com/gp/jgluth_brb/26Y79U Sent from my iPhone -- NYSbirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsWELCOME

[nysbirds-l] Black-backed Woodpecker - Not Seen (Cheektowaga NY)

2015-05-28 Thread joetf1973
Just an update on the Black-backed Woodpecker seen at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve in Depew, NY (a Buffalo suburb). Many people visited Reinstein Woods today in hope of relocating the bird photographed on Tuesday. It is my understanding that no one was able to find the bird today (Thursday,

[nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull

2015-05-28 Thread Carney, Martin
The gull was still on the easternmost part of Plum Beach at 6:15 pm today...Martin Carney -- NYSbirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsRULES http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsSubscribeConfigurationLeave.htm ARCHIVES: 1)

[nysbirds-l] RBA Buffalo Bird Report 28 May 2015

2015-05-28 Thread David Suggs
- RBA * New York * Buffalo * 05/28/2015 * NYBU1505.28 - Birds mentioned --- Please submit reports to dsu...@buffaloornithologicalsociety.org --- CONNECTICUT WARBLER Least Bittern Sandhill Crane

[nysbirds-l] Brooklyn Franklin's Gull images and approach.

2015-05-28 Thread Sean Sime
This afternoon at roughly 1:50pm Doug Gochfeld and I relocated the Plum Beach Franklin's Gull. Once again the bird materialized without being seen flying in. Today it was on the flats just south of the easternmost dunes actively feeding on the incoming tide. We wondered out loud how many

[nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull, Kings yes

2015-05-28 Thread keir randall
After an hour wait at the east end of Plumb Beach, the Franklin's Gull just flew in, calling continuously, and seemed to head west along the beach towards the parking lot. Keir Randall Brooklyn Sent from my iPhone On May 27, 2015, at 10:53 AM, Jane Simmons 17st...@gmail.com wrote: The

[nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull @ Plum Beach 5-28

2015-05-28 Thread birdingdude
Sam Janazzo just reported that the Franklin's Gull continues at Plum Beach Brooklyn. Currently being viewed at the East end of the beach on the opposite shore. Note, this area is near the bridge for those not familiar with the location. Cheers, 風 Swift as the wind 林 Quiet as the forest 火 

Re: [nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull

2015-05-28 Thread Isaac Grant
I have video of the Franklin's and a Laughing Gull mating from a few days back. I posted it on the New York Birders Facebook page. Seems like the bird may be paired up... Isaac Grant Senior Loan Officer On May 28, 2015, at 11:54 AM, syschiff icte...@optonline.net wrote: Joe Giunta, Sam

[nysbirds-l] Franklin's Gull

2015-05-28 Thread syschiff
Joe Giunta, Sam Jannazzo, Bill and I (Sy Schiff) found the FRANKLIN'S GULL, looking east from Plumb Beach, on the sandy beach across Gerritsen Inlet. It was mixed in with about 15 Laughing Gulls about 4-500 yards away. At that distance it was a very difficult call to ID the target bird.