Re: [nysbirds-l] Cape May Warbler

2017-05-03 Thread Dan Lynch
Summit Rock is in Central Park which is in Manhattan. It's on the West Side of the Park, just north of 81st Street. The bird had been observed intermittently this morning by many, but not, alas, by me. Danny Lynch -Original Message- From: Scott Haber

[nysbirds-l] Summit Rock

2017-05-03 Thread Carney, Martin
I refer to Summit Rock in Central Park, NYC, at approx. 82nd St. and Central Park West. -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

[nysbirds-l] Brooklyn & Queens Round-up + activism suggestion

2017-05-03 Thread Andrew Baksh
Queens May 1st: Alley Pond Park: 73 species with 18 species of Warblers. Highlights included KENTUCKY and HOODED Warbler. Also Solitary Sandpiper. Oakland Lake: Quieter than Alley but that was much later in the day so who knows what I missed. Highlights there were Orchard Oriole and Solitary

[nysbirds-l] Cape May Warbler

2017-05-03 Thread Carney, Martin
At Summit Rock 5 minutes agoMartin Carney -- NYSbirds-L List Info: ARCHIVES: 1)

Re: [nysbirds-l] Cape May Warbler

2017-05-03 Thread Scott Haber
Some folks might be interested to know where in New York state "Summit Rock" is -Scott On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 8:38 AM, Carney, Martin wrote: > At Summit Rock 5 minutes agoMartin Carney > -- > *NYSbirds-L List Info:* > Welcome and Basics

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tryon Park

2017-05-03 Thread Goldstein, Gina
For the record, birding in Fort Tryon Park and environs this morning was really excellent. Inside the park: yellow, black-throated blue, black-throated green, b, and Parula warblers, rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, scarlet tanager (m), Eastern kingbird, Baltimore oriole, warbling vireo,

[nysbirds-l] Kings County migrants: Cerulean, Yellow-throated +

2017-05-03 Thread Sean Sime
Prospect Park's Lookout Hill continued to produce today. Ed Crowne discovered a singing Cerulean Warbler (still present as of writing this) on the southern slope above the Wellhouse. Standard issue Patagonia Picnic Table effect ensued as Rob Jett located a Yellow-throated Warbler shortly

[nysbirds-l] Governors Island: Bobolinks, Wed. 3-May

2017-05-03 Thread Ben Cacace
The Bobolinks were less visible and less vocal today than they were on Monday when 6 were seen. Today I spotted a male at the south end of Hammock Grove and later on a female in the middle of the grove. Also seen was a Bald Eagle flying low carrying part of a fish and heading east towards

[nysbirds-l] Black Vultures in Scarsdale

2017-05-03 Thread Andrew Block
I had a pair of Black Vultures fly up and over the ridge from behind Scarsdale Ford on Central Ave. at the intersection of Ardsley Rd.  I wonder what they were doing there? Andrew Andrew v. F. Block Consulting Naturalist 20 Hancock Avenue, Apt. 3 Yonkers, Westchester Co., New York 10705-4629

[nysbirds-l] Central Park NYC - Wed. May 3, 2017 - 17 species of Wood Warblers

2017-05-03 Thread Deborah Allen
Central Park NYC Wednesday May 3, 2017 OBS: Deborah Allen, m.ob. on bird walk starting from the dock on Turtle Pond at 9am with some pre-walk birding at the Reservoir (Deb) and at the North End (Bob DeCandido). Highlights: 17 species of Wood Warblers (including 2 Cape Mays at Summit Rock),

Re: [nysbirds-l] quick pass along the Reservoir in Central Park

2017-05-03 Thread Ardith Bondi
I forgot to mention a couple of Barn Swallows as well. Originally, my main reason for posting was for the Brant, which while not that unusual in our area, are not seen that often on the Reservoir. Ardith Bondi On 5/2/17 3:49 PM, Ardith Bondi wrote: From the South Pump House to about 95th