[nysbirds-l] NYS eBird Hotspots: State, Counties & Locations Updated (Aug/'17)

2017-08-01 Thread Ben Cacace
Thanks to @Team_eBird for their dedication to keeping eBird.org running smoothly and for the group of New York State hotspot moderators for their time reviewing shared location suggestions. The wiki page site was developed to access data on eBird.org and in places it includes additional links to

[nysbirds-l] Cupsogue County Park 8-1

2017-08-01 Thread Andrew Baksh
Not an overwhelming number of shorebirds present on the flats today but enough to keep things interesting. I spent several hours working the flats through low and on the rising tide. 18 species of shorebirds. The highlights were 10 Flagged Red Knots, 1 flagged Semipalmated Sandpiper, 1 flagged