[nysbirds-l] Arctic Terns on the south shore of Long Island.

2018-06-02 Thread Robert Lewis
June is here, and every year some Arctic Terns are seen at several places on the south shore of Long Island.  Does anyone have a sense of how weather impacts the probability of seeing this species?  Specifically, how does the forecast for the next week or so look for maybe seeing Arctic Terns?

[nysbirds-l] Henslow's Sparrow Continues at Shawangunk Grasslands NWR, Ulster Co.

2018-06-02 Thread BOB WASHBURN
Still styling and profiling in the spot Joe described. BOB WASHBURN The City _ ( '< / ) ) //" > On May 31, 2018, at 12:26 AM, Joe DiCostanzo wrote: > > Here is a link to my eBird checklist > https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S46165624 that contains pictures and a > recording of the

[nysbirds-l] Central Park NYC - Sat., June 2, 2018 - 6 Species of Wood Warblers, Olive-sided & Yellow-bellied Flycatchers

2018-06-02 Thread Deborah Allen
Central Park NYC Saturday, June 2, 2018 OBS: Robert DeCandido, PhD, Deborah Allen, m.ob. Highlights: Light NW winds and some rain overnight brought in a few new birds. Six Species of Wood Warblers including Blackburnian Warbler, Olive-sided & Yellow-bellied Flycatchers. Canada Goose - 40 (14

[nysbirds-l] NYS eBird Hotspots: State, Counties & Locations Updated (Jun/'18)

2018-06-02 Thread Ben Cacace
Thanks to @Team_eBird for their dedication to keeping eBird.org running smoothly and for the group of New York State hotspot moderators for their time reviewing shared location suggestions. The wiki page site was developed to access data on eBird.org and in places it includes additional links to

[nysbirds-l] Bryant Park Waterthrush

2018-06-02 Thread Joseph Wallace
A quick circuit in the hot midday of the crowded park revealed an unexpected Waterthrush in the southwest corner, where the plantings are deeper and hiding places easier to find. I'm nearly certain it was a Northern, but though it was active, moving back and forth and around the shack there, it