[nysbirds-l] Roanoke Ave Elementary School Turkey Vulture Roost, Riverhead

2018-06-11 Thread robert adamo
The first T.V. I saw today ( Lonesome George ? ) was at ~ 1545 on the way to help at the Riverhead "Soup Kitchen". The bird was circling over the Bishop McGann-Mercy Catholic High School, and, as the school just graduated its final Senior Class, prior to closing permanently due to financial

[nysbirds-l] Syracuse RBA

2018-06-11 Thread Joseph Brin
RBA *New York - Syracuse - June 11, 2018 - NYSY 06.11.18 Hotline: Syracuse Area Rare Bird Alert Dates: June 04 - June 11 To report by email: brinjoseph AT yahoo DOT com Reporting upstate counties: Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Oneida, Herkimer, Cayuga, Montezuma Wildlife

[nysbirds-l] Black Tern at Breezy Point: Queens County

2018-06-11 Thread Sean Sime
There was a Black Tern in nearly full adult plumage feeding off the jetty at the tip of Breezy Point this afternoon. Also noteworthy was a flock of 114 Semipalmated Sandpipers containing 2 White-rumped Sandpipers and a Dunlin. A low soaring Turkey Vulture was unusual for the location and date, but

[nysbirds-l] 5 Roseate Terns - Nickerson Beach

2018-06-11 Thread Long Island Birding
Currently in front of east colony. Mike Z. -- NYSbirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsWELCOME.htm http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsRULES.htm http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsSubscribeConfigurationLeave.htm ARCHIVES: 1)

[nysbirds-l] RFI: Places close to Nickerson Beach

2018-06-11 Thread Robert Lewis
I'm thinking of combining a trip to Nickerson with another area fairly close by, presumably on the south shore.  Would any spot at Jones Beach be productive now?  How about farther east (not too far). Bob Lewis Sleepy Hollow NY -- NYSbirds-L List Info:

[nysbirds-l] Central Park NYC - Mon., June 11, 2018 - Magnolia Warbler, America Redstart & Peregrine Falcon Update

2018-06-11 Thread Deborah Allen
Central Park NYC Monday, June 11, 2018 OBS: Robert DeCandido, PhD, m.ob. Highlights: Magnolia Warbler, America Redstart & Peregrine Falcon Update (see below). Canada Goose - 11 Lake Mallard - 4 Lake Mourning Dove - a few in the Ramble Chimney Swift - 6 flyovers Herring Gull - 3 flyovers