[nysbirds-l] Recent Ironwood Road sightings

2020-05-22 Thread Robert Lewis
Park here:  41.234789, -74.237866 Blue-winged Warblers can be found in several places but are pretty consistent at the southeast corner of the electrical tower on top of the first hill to the south, approximately 41.232031, -74.236900 Golden-wingeds can be hard to find.  The best place seems

[nysbirds-l] Bank swallows near Georgica Pond

2020-05-22 Thread Jane Ross
An unexpected flock of bank swallows (probably about 80 judging from the 40 nest holes) has taken up residence along the ocean beach just east of Georgica Pond (in newly carved out cliffs on the beach behind the Klein House on West End Road. ) Hope we don’t have any storms or very high tides