[nysbirds-l] Bridled Tern continues on Great Gull I., Suffolk Co.

2019-08-13 Thread Joseph DiCostanzo
At about 5:30 pm I spotted the Bridled Tern flying off the north side of Great Gull Island somewhat east of the center of the island. Numbers of the breeding Common and Roseate terns have been dropping sharply in the last couple of weeks, but migrant terns have been increasing. Individual

[nysbirds-l] Bridled Tern continues at Great Gull I., Suffolk Co.

2018-08-04 Thread Joseph DiCostanzo
The adult Bridled Tern found on Great Gull Island yesterday continued today on the rocks on the northeast corner of the island. Many shearwaters continue to be seen from the island (both west and northeast of the island). Today Great Shearwaters outnumbered Cory’s for the first time. Manx and