[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden

2019-09-07 Thread Steve Walter
Now for a happier post. For the first time in years, I tried hawk watching at Fort Tilden in early September. It was a bit different than back in the day. The highlight was a surprisingly good flight of Ospreys for what I consider still an early date - 102 counted, until I had to leave at 2 P.M.

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden morning flight and Northern Shrike now

2018-11-11 Thread Doug Gochfeld
There is currently an excellent westbound morning flight underway at Fort Tilden in Queens including an Evening Grosbeak, and many Rusty Blackbirds and small finches. A juvenile Northern Shrike also just came in and is currently perched in a tree due south of Battery Harris. -Doug Gochfeld --

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden after the storm

2018-10-28 Thread Alan Drogin
Didn’t luck out with last week’s raptor parade (only a lone Peregrine, Merlin and Coopers) - just off shore where huge flocks of Black Scoter heading east and plenty of dive bombing Northern Gannets making use of the breaking afternoon sunlight. The dunes and grasses were teaming with

[nysbirds-l] fort Tilden wrap up

2014-10-25 Thread Isaac Grant
Highlights were 1 Western Kingbird. Landed briefly at edge of field across from ball park. Then quickly flew west towards Breezy Point. 1 Clay-colored Sparrow along fence line bordering military building 1 Vesper Sparrow in same area 1 Orange-crowned Warbler in maintenance area 1 Bobolink in

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden and Jacob RIIS Park

2014-09-19 Thread Andrew Baksh
A whirlwind bit of birding this morning that included a brief stop on the south end of the East Pond at Jamaica Bay did not produce many birds. Getting my shorebird fix just after dawn on the East Pond at Jamaica Bay, I headed out to bird Fort Tilden and Jacob RIIS Park. After an uneventful

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden King Eider Yes

2014-01-01 Thread Matthew Wills
Drake King Eider patrolling along Fort Tilden shore today. It was moving eastwards with a small flock of mergansers, heading towards Riis, when we saw it around noon. I think the large group of Audubon/Linnaean/Littoral New Year's Day walkers must have seen it as well. Happy New Year!

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden, RIIS Park and Floyd Bennett Field...

2013-09-14 Thread Andrew Baksh
Certainly not as birdy as the reports from other sites suggested but there were birds in the sites mentioned in the SUBJECT line. However, one had to cover a lot of ground to get them. I wondered if the winds had anything to do with what was observed since it was windy at both Fort Tilden and

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden access Re: Marbled Godwit....

2013-08-02 Thread Andrew Baksh
Sorry folks, I forgot about this yesterday and had I seen the eBird list from Avi and Barbara Lewis I would have noted that Fort Tilden remains closed to the public. Please note that Park Police do patrol the area to enforce the closure. Avi and Barbara were the original finders of the Marbled

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden

2012-10-22 Thread Steve Walter
There are some differences in the migration between Fort Tilden and points east on the barrier beach. While American Robins were noted in modest numbers in the Fire Island report, there was actually a spectacular flight at Tilden today, with several thousand passing through between 7:00 and 11:00.

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden

2012-10-08 Thread Isaac Grant
There was a modest flight of birds along the beach today. It was dominated by Tree Swallows and Pine Siskins (numbering well into the hundreds)The only other birds of note there were a continuing Bobolink along the fence line near the army reserve building and a Blue Grosbeak found by Corey

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden

2012-09-24 Thread Isaac Grant
There is currently (since 10:00 a.m.) thousands of swallows and others passerines moving along the beach. Isaac Grant Senior Loan Officer -- NYSbirds-L List Info: http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsWELCOME http://www.NortheastBirding.com/NYSbirdsRULES

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden

2012-09-24 Thread Isaac Grant
There were more Tree Swallows than I could count migrating down the beach at Fort Tilden today. There was literally no morning flight from sun up until 10:00am and then the flood gates opened. For 2 and a half hours, hundreds of birds were flying over at any given moment. I do not know how to

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden 10/30

2011-10-30 Thread Steve Walter
It was a great day for hawks along the inland ridges - I would think. But getting there, maybe not so good. Scrapping plans for an October trip because of snow - that's a first. So there's Fort Tilden - beautiful and snowless -- as a fallback. And it was an interesting day, so excuse the length of

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden Record Osprey Flight‏

2011-10-01 Thread Steve Walter
With the help of Don Davis, I recorded a daily site record 142 Ospreys migrating past Fort Tilden (Queens) today. Also seen flying by were something on the order of 60 to 70 Atlantic Menhaden. Yes, the guys were having a good fishing day off Tilden and Riis Park. With a total flight of about 300

[nysbirds-l] Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis Park, Queens this AM

2010-10-17 Thread Corey Finger
Seth Ausubel, Isaac Grant, Tom (whose last name I can't remember, sorry) and I birded Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis this morning from dawn until just after noon. Highlights were two Vesper Sparrows that flushed from the community garden to the trees over the houses north of the garden, a