Network registeration mode

2009-06-16 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi All, About the Mode properties in NetworkRegistration, if we don't provide write attributes how user can register the network manually? I saw there was SetProperty Methods but removed now. Thanks ___ ofono mailing list

Problems of CF setting and GSM string

2009-07-13 Thread Li, Zhigang
HI, Test against the 0.1 version, Tow problem were detected, 1, only set CF no reply timer can't successful, and I have to set no reply number or disable it first. Cf.setproperties(VoiceNoReply,dbusInt16(30)) 2, *SC***SIC# don't support in GSM string *61***30# Are they known issue? or

RE: sms segment fault with 160 char

2009-07-30 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi, Great! More than one recipients and more segment work fine after I reinstall the python package Thanks -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Denis Kenzior Sent: 2009年7月30日 23:28 To: Subject: Re: sms segment

RE: segment fault in latest version

2009-08-04 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi,Denis This should now be fixed in the latest version. Can you please check and report if this still goes kaboom? Great! Now work fine. Thanks ___ ofono mailing list

RE: How to hangup outgoing call, before terminating end answers?

2009-08-18 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi Marko, The following do not work as the /modem1/voicecall01 does not exist: $ dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono /modem1/voicecall01 org.ofono.VoiceCall.Hangup Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method Hangup with signature on interface org.ofono.VoiceCall doesn't

patch for more segments of sms

2009-11-23 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi Please review this patch which fixed more segments of sms issue. Also you can find the bug detail information at Also thanks Yang great help Thanks Zhigang patch_sms Description: patch_sms ___

patch to enable cell broadcast message in phonesim

2010-01-24 Thread Li, Zhigang
HI, This patch is to enable CBS base on latest CBS modification in phonesim, please review. Thanks 0001-Enable-Cell-broadcast-message-in-phonesim.patch Description: 0001-Enable-Cell-broadcast-message-in-phonesim.patch ___ ofono mailing list

oFonov0.17 light test report

2010-02-10 Thread Li, Zhigang
Test Environment --- General PC (pre-installed FC12) - ofono v0.17 - phonesim package - (HFP) Latest BlueZ git tree + Sony Ericsson C905 - (GPRS) Moblin 2.2 + Unicom WCDMA network + MBM modem --- Test Scope ---

RE: How to play with ofono-phonesim -reg

2010-05-11 Thread Li, Zhigang
Can we really make calls or send sms messages using ofono-phonesim simulator using phonesim modem driver? Sure, Launch phonesim application you will find the call and sms application window. You can setup call or send message by the application B,R Zhigang

Test plan for oFono v0.21

2010-06-06 Thread Li, Zhigang
Test Objective -- This is QA regular release testing cycle for oFono released. Our testing focus would be new features exploration and regression testing, to ensure major issues for new features are exposed in timely fashion. Test Scope

RE: oFono v0.22 test report

2010-06-10 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi Sjur Are these all manual tests or are you using any automated test suite? There were 70 cases were automation base on phonesim and it was in our AutoDTI test suite. In additional, there will be an automated test suite for MeeGo project in the future. Thanks Zhigang Regards Sjur

RE: ofono build error

2010-08-06 Thread Li, Zhigang
From: [] On Behalf Of goodkid.peng Sent: 2010年8月6日 16:37 To: ofono Subject: ofono build error hi guys,       I download the ofono1.4 from website and import into my QT creator4.6.But I got a error

RE: Making voice call with Huawei E272 USB Modem

2011-01-13 Thread Li, Zhigang
#output from list-modem testscrip ./list-modems [ /huawei0 ] Features = sms gprs cbs net rat sim There was no voicecall manager interface at all, it mean your modem did not support voice call. Powered = 1 Lockdown = 0 Interfaces = org.ofono.SmartMessaging

Band selection issue

2011-01-13 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi, With HuaWei Em77W and Em1152 modems, I only can set band once in tow modems; it always return the call back error, with debugging, it seems was modems self issue. Does it known issue? Could you list which Hua wei modem are you using for debugging? Thanks Zhigang

RE: Band selection issue

2011-01-17 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi Lucas The issue was unstable modem. I tried the 1552 modem again, now it works fine with 2G/3G Band, as the limitation of PCS network, did not test the PCS band. With Emw770, it doesn't work yet, should be modem self issue. Could you enable debug and paste the output somewhere? ...

RE: [PATCH] Enable hs 2330 MBM modem

2011-02-13 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi Marcel, +g_str_has_suffix(desc, Data Modem) || I think this should be Module Data Modem. This is confusing part, with my test with this modem on MeeGo image, the Module Data Modem doesn't work and only Data Modem works. So I think it should be ok. Thanks Zhigang

RE: [PATCH] Enable hs 2330 MBM modem

2011-02-16 Thread Li, Zhigang
I think this should be Module Data Modem. looks wrong to me. Please get the lsusb -v out for this modem where it lists the interface strings. Interface Descriptor: bLength 9 bDescriptorType 4 bInterfaceNumber1 bAlternateSetting 0

RE: [PATCH] Enable hs 2330 MBM modem

2011-02-23 Thread Li, Zhigang
Hi Marcel, Base on your request, I get the lsusb -v result, according the interface result, the Data Modem is ok, besides, my test result also ok. In fact, I tried Module Data Modem, Broadband Module Data Modem all are don't work. looks wrong to me. Please get the lsusb -v out for this modem