Re: [oi-dev] [OpenIndiana-discuss] ANNOUNCE: gcc ported Firefox 37.0b3 now backported to snv_130 x86/x64, Should work on OI/Hipster/S11.[0-3]/S12 etc.

2015-03-26 Thread Till Wegmüller
On Thursday 26 March 2015 22.16:04 Andreas Wacknitz wrote: So the question is: how can we change the situation? If we would want to involve Companies: Desktop Products that use our Strengths in the Server field? Zone Based VDI for example. A Fast to boot low profile vdi that could run on

Re: [oi-dev] Vagrant

2016-05-26 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hey Adam I would very much like to have vagrant boxes of oi. this would make my development setup much easier. There are already vagrant boxes on the community platform from a guy named dusank. I would say they are hipster 2015.05

Re: [oi-dev] Looking for testers: OpenIndiana Hipster vagrant box

2016-06-21 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Adam Thanks for your work this makes contributing from linux a lot easier. I have tested the box now for a bit and found the following things: It works very well when developing applications on linux and run them in the vagrant box to test. Especially when your IDE has integrations for

[oi-dev] pkgdepend can not find existing file

2016-03-23 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi While Packaging mate-screensaver i stumbled upon a funny error message pkgdepend says: >/root/workspace/oi-userland/components/mate/mate-screensaver/build/manifest-i386-mate-screensaver.depend has unresolved dependency ' >depend type=require fmri=__TBD

Re: [oi-dev] MATE 1.14 Desktop for OpenIndiana

2016-05-12 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi with dconf installed i can run some of the applications from a gnome session via console. like mate-about They also spam the same error nikolam mentioned. Caja does not want to launch. it runs but does not show up the gui When i modify the xsession desktop file to feature the fullapth, i

Re: [oi-dev] OpenIndiana Docs (proof of concept) - What is it all about?

2016-05-04 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Michael First of thank you for your hard work on the Documentation thus far. On 04.05.2016 07:00, Michael Kruger wrote: This leads me to suggest there should be an OpenIndiana 'Code of Conduct' to help reign in people with troublesome behaviors Here i would like to input a bit of my

Re: [oi-dev] Mate 1.14

2016-08-02 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Alexander Hi, Till. Do we miss something big from Mate now? As far as i can see No. You assessment is pretty much complete. I would like to have the ZFS integration in Caja as an extension. AFAIK extensions are less effort to maintain and can also be used in other systems that have

Re: [oi-dev] mate components

2016-07-18 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Alexander. Current State is, MATE minimal is shipped. You can install and launch a MATE session. No Metapackage or mate-gate in userland yet. I currently have mate-applets and mint-menu on my backlog. Mint-menu is optional and has a problem starting which i haven't yet figured out.

Re: [oi-dev] OpenIndiana Code of Conduct

2016-07-20 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 18.07.2016 23:35, Adam Števko wrote: Please compose your thoughts and comment with as few replies as necessary so the community may solidify the final text of this document. Cheers, Adam Hi Adam, Hi Nikola Thanks both of you for the work put into this. Here are my thought and comments:

Re: [oi-dev] Error Compiling marco

2016-07-06 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 06.07.2016 11:47, Peter Tribble wrote: On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 10:33 AM, Till Wegmüller < <>> wrote: Hello Community. I am currently trying to compile the mate window manager marco. But unfortunatly i get the attached er

Re: [oi-dev] AI ISO images

2016-07-07 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi I am currently experimenting with AI to get a boot_archive that can do netboot for but its a side project atm. Greetings Till On 07.07.2016 10:53, Alexander Pyhalov wrote: Hi, people. I want to ask if someone tried creating and using AI or AI ISO images with OpenIndiana

[oi-dev] Error Compiling marco

2016-07-06 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello Community. I am currently trying to compile the mate window manager marco. But unfortunatly i get the attached error. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks and Greetings Till (cd /export/home/vagrant/oi-userland/components/desktop/mate/marco/build/i86 ; /usr/bin/env

Re: [oi-dev] Why are Firefox and Thunderbird built with jemalloc?

2017-02-22 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 20.02.2017 23:01, Aurélien Larcher wrote: On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 4:32 PM, Aurélien Larcher > wrote: Hi, This is just a simple and honest question. I have rebuilt Firefox and Thunderbird with jemalloc disabled and

[oi-dev] Netboot on OpenIndiana

2016-09-06 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello fellow Community So i have been working with netboot today and would like to give you a rundown of what works/what not and would like to ask you how you see this project going forward. So the basic idea was that Users new to OI could use the service to easily launch the

Re: [oi-dev] Netboot on OpenIndiana

2016-09-08 Thread Till Wegmüller
trying to netboot a mini-root image, right? (like the CD/ISO image, Not booting onto an NFS mounted root) On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 10:57 AM, Alexander <> wrote: Hey Till, good start! On 06 Sep 2016, at 20:14, Till Wegmüller <> wrote: ...

Re: [oi-dev] Netboot on OpenIndiana

2016-09-08 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hey Alex thanks for the tips. Some tips: Would be nice to add dynamic boot_archive size calculation (populate image stage fails for me with “no space left on device”). Huh. In that case I still copy some junk to the Image that should not be there. Generally the Image should never grow past

Re: [oi-dev] Netboot on OpenIndiana

2016-09-09 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Adam On 09.09.2016 09:57, Adam Števko wrote: Do you know why it takes so long? Do you know if the problem is IO bound and a SSD might help speed this up? Or is something else? Well it builds more than what i need for one. Everytime distro_const runs it runs

Re: [oi-dev] FOSDEM 2017

2016-11-09 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 09.11.2016 15:10, Adam Števko wrote: Hello, how mahy people will attend FOSDEM 2017? If there is enough people, we could possibly have a hackathon organized. Let us know your interest. I could make it. Would love to help Organize a Hackathon. We just had large group Facilitation in

Re: [oi-dev] clang open source packages and nightly binaries

2016-10-23 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 23.10.2016 04:49, C Bergström wrote: OSX and Linux Power8 are coming soon (few days) Can you give some deatils what you mean with Linux Power8? I was planing to adapt the ARM Toolchain Rmustacc and jperkin have deveopled for POWER8 sometime next Year (probably Spring to Summer). Which

Re: [oi-dev] Updated OpenIndiana-Welcome

2016-10-25 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 25.10.2016 02:16, Michael Kruger wrote: Suggestions incorporated. See attached file Michael Nice I like it. On the ZFS Feature you only have the link and not the Text as Link. I guess thats a typo? Other than that great work thanks. Greetings Till

Re: [oi-dev] Updated OpenIndiana-Welcome

2016-10-24 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Michael I like it. The only thing that could be improved is the Enterprise Class Features Section. Compared to the other Sections it looks a little Bare bones. Maybe one or two Sentences per Feature. Or like Alexander Mentioned you could also use links to other Sites. Greetings Till On

Re: [oi-dev] Discussing maintainers visibility in oi-userland

2017-05-12 Thread Till Wegmüller
If we talk bigger components like XFCE i would say that this is pretty much how we are handeling them right now. We only take in these when we know that a Contributor is able to support them over a period of time. Otherwise we leave try to put stuff like this into SFE or pkgsrc where there are

Re: [oi-dev] Components archive url availability

2017-05-11 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello. Yes IPS uses precompiled Packages. However it does not distribute them as tarball archives but as seperate files. These fiels are Linked together by the manifests of a Package. Which is a Textfile describing all files, symlinks, mediators, etc. of a package. IPS itself does not use

Re: [oi-dev] Providing icinga2 package

2017-11-29 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Marianne To get started grab yourself a copy of The Best Way is to clone this repo and setup a fork in your own github profile. You can then make a remote and push to your profile. Make a Feature branch for every componetn you want to package. A

Re: [oi-dev] weird flock problem

2017-11-13 Thread Till Wegmüller
On 13.11.2017 15:59, Carsten Grzemba wrote: > > > On 13.11.17 15:16, *Bob Friesenhahn * wrote: >> On Mon, 13 Nov 2017, Carsten Grzemba wrote: >> > >> >This compiles on Openindiana without an error, but if it runs throws >> the error: Invalid argument (os error 22)

Re: [oi-dev] Building install medium with custom illumos

2017-12-08 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Michael The Problem is that you are using packages from OI-Userland to define the installed packges. You will need to use packages inside your depotd inside the xml tags. I do not beleive that you have a package called minimal_install in your repo. That package is from OI-Userland. My guess

Re: [oi-dev] lightdm-gtk-greeter and exo-csource

2018-06-26 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi My Choice would also fall to 2 or 3. I am tending more to 3 if we do not want to regenerate it more often. For 2 if we want to generate it every once in a while and only resort to number 1 if regenerating headers for gtk will be a regular thing like with autoconf. Hope this helps Greetings

[oi-dev] gmake sample-manifest Replaces to many strings with $(COMPONENT_VERSION) in sample-manifest

2018-05-01 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi fellow developers I found a bug in our Makefile script sample-manifest. It replaces to many string with $(COMPONENT_VERSION) even those which are not equal to $(COMPONENT_VERSION) it looks like it treats the . _ and nospace characters as equal. This causes problems currently with golang-19

[oi-dev] Alpha Release of OpenSource Cloud Authoring tools

2018-01-20 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello fellow Community We have often heard about the lackings of our zone management tools. So I figured I could try and port the ACI and Jetpack code from Freebsd to OI. A fun side project for myself which could also be usefull for others. Now It brings me great pleasure to release the first

Re: [oi-dev] Please Zip compress the USB downloads from OI

2018-08-10 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi The Image itself is compressed. However not the USB part but the LOFI File representing /usr on the Live system. What you compressed was the Sparse part of the image. I.e the Allocated but not used USB Image Parts. As soon as we have the combined image that will be solved. What will help

Re: [oi-dev] Rust in userland?

2018-08-14 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Could you use an earlier version of Rust as bootstrap for the current rust? There should be a guide for rust bootstraping around on the internet. You can look at golang 1.8 how bootstraping with an earlier version works. The Reason for that is, that we build all packages on a buildserver

Re: [oi-dev] How to kill old sfe package meta-data?

2018-08-30 Thread Till Wegmüller
did you try ? On 8/30/18 11:08 PM, Gordon Ross wrote: > Yeah, thought to try that, but can't find an origin URI that works for this. > > > On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 5:03 PM Till Wegmüller <>> wrote: > >

Re: [oi-dev] How to kill old sfe package meta-data?

2018-08-30 Thread Till Wegmüller' > (happened 4 times) > > root@vm530gwr#  > > > On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 5:12 PM Till Wegmüller <>> wrote: > > > did you try http://sf

Re: [oi-dev] How to kill old sfe package meta-data?

2018-08-30 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Gordon You will need to add sfe as publisher for IPS to be happy. After uninstall you can remove sfe again. Have you deleted the /var/pkg/cache by any chance? Greetings Till On 8/30/18 10:49 PM, Gordon Ross wrote: > People will probably want to see: > > # pkg -R /mnt publisher > PUBLISHER 

Re: [oi-dev] What to do with #4075?

2018-09-10 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Small fact about these cases in Java. It is actually quite common for Javabindings to distribute their shared object files for multiple platforms within the jar. I know OpenGL bindings do so. So if you leave them out the jar would just unpack them again and maybe even fail with permission

Re: [oi-dev] Lenovo N580 Wireless WiFi Card AR5B125

2018-09-10 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Unfortunately Atheros Support on Illumos is rather tiny. We have some Atheros Cards supported until 84xx but after that you are out of luck. The only thing one could do to make the Situation better is to port over the freebsd dirvers. I was told it was not that difficult compared to linux but

Re: [oi-dev] How to kill old sfe package meta-data?

2018-08-31 Thread Till Wegmüller
/18 9:22 AM, Alexander Pyhalov via oi-dev wrote: > ____ > От: Till Wegmüller > Отправлено: 31 августа 2018 г. 0:43 > Кому: > Тема: Re: [oi-dev] How to kill old sfe package meta-data? > >> Hrmm ips does aparently not

[oi-dev] PostFix with SASL

2018-02-28 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello Fellow Community Members. Is anybody using Postfix with SASL on Openindiana? I havew a case where I need it. I thus have added the Compile option to the Package in oi-userland. It compiles but I am still unable to authenticate against our mail relay. I have generated the config via

Re: [oi-dev] OI Hipster 2018.10 snapshot

2018-10-31 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi They actually are already compressed. Just not wrapped into a compressed archive. Both the USB and ISO files are just a container for the compressed files. for e.g. solaris.zlib or the Boot Archive. These Compressed files will be decompressed on load by the Boot loader or OS respectively.

[oi-dev] Python Ctypes only working on certain machines

2018-11-05 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello Fellow Community I am getting a weird behaviour from python ctypes recently. On some machines I can find Libraries with the find_library() function on some I can not. I narrowed it down to something that is in the dependency list of build_essential. However I can not narrow it down to a

[oi-dev] Whitespace in Makefiles in oi-userland keep causing Problems

2018-09-27 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello Fellow developers. I have a confusing Problem with our buildsystem. Since today it keeps behaving Inconsistently when I have a Whitespace in a Value of a variable. A Makefile like so: COMPONENT_NAME=salt COMPONENT_VERSION=2018.3.2 COMPONENT_SUMMARY='Portable, distributed, remote

Re: [oi-dev] Whitespace in Makefiles in oi-userland keep causing Problems

2018-09-28 Thread Till Wegmüller
gt; С уважением, > Александр Пыхалов, > программист отдела телекоммуникационной инфраструктуры > управления информационно-коммуникационной инфраструктуры ЮФУ > > > ____ > От: Till Wegmüller > Отправлено: 27 сентября 2018 г. 22:03:14 >

Re: [oi-dev] 2018.10 targets

2018-09-28 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi My personal target would be to have saltstack packaged and some tutorials written how to use it. As for KVM Zones. If we modify IPKG Brand and inject the appropriate permissions and devices it should work. Although I would prefer it being a fork of Tribblixes Sparse Brand. Also have a look

Re: [oi-dev] Fixing Virtualbox on recent kernels

2018-09-21 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi These are the changes to KVM Required. Virtualbox will need the same. I doubt we have communicated that to them. You are welcome to do so. Greetings Till On

[oi-dev] Slow Loader on Samsung 950 Pro

2018-09-24 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hello Has anybody tested loader on an NVME Disk? I have two Samsung 950 Pro in a mirror Zpool Configuration. They are nicely fast but not during boot. To be more precise loader requires more than 20minutes to get to the point at which it has loaded the kernel and Ramdisk into memory. From there

Re: [oi-dev] Slow Loader on Samsung 950 Pro

2018-09-24 Thread Till Wegmüller
described. > > Rgds, > Toomas > > Sent from my iPhone > >> On 24 Sep 2018, at 13:03, Till Wegmüller wrote: >> >> Hello >> >> Has anybody tested loader on an NVME Disk? I have two Samsung 950 Pro in >> a mirror Zpool Configuration. They are nicely fast

Re: [oi-dev] Slow Loader on Samsung 950 Pro

2018-09-24 Thread Till Wegmüller
en the first spinner, you can enter the >> new name. >> >> Basically I’d like to establish if the error is actually fixed... >> >> Sent from my iPhone >> >>> On 24 Sep 2018, at 15:18, Till Wegmüller wrote: >>> >>> Hi Setup is most

Re: [oi-dev] Slow Loader on Samsung 950 Pro

2018-09-25 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Tomas > A bit, but we definitely need to investigate it further. Anyhow, I only can > check email this week, I left my laptop home on purpose:) > > Rgds, > Toomas >> I know these kinds of holidays :) Have fun and enjoy yourself. I can wait a bit to get it fixed. The Boot time is quite

Re: [oi-dev] Whitespace in Makefiles in oi-userland keep causing Problems

2018-09-28 Thread Till Wegmüller
. So lesson from that seems to be that we need to hardcode values with whitespace into the manifest. Thanks for the pointers. Greetings Till On 09/28/18 12:23 PM, Joerg Schilling wrote: > Till Wegmüller wrote: > >> A Makefile like so: >> >> >> COMPONENT_NAME=salt

Re: [oi-dev] (no subject)

2018-12-22 Thread Till Wegmüller
I think those are the ones that have been replaced. But there are still some in the Closed bins tarball Of the top of my head I know the ipsec daemon was such a case. Greetings Till On 22.12.18 18:49, Echedey López Romero wrote: > Are these all the private binaries inherited from Solaris when

Re: [oi-dev] should packages have a pkg.description or not?

2019-01-11 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Tim Welcome to the community. pkg.description is a longer version of pkg.summary. In OpenIndiana we use highlevel scripts to write these attributes. Looking at our standard templates under templates directory in oi-userland I see that they are not using any Property for the Description. But

Re: [oi-dev] Out of memory when trying to compile icinga2 with gcc6 - problem persists

2019-01-14 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Marianne I have a quite beefy Machine with 32Gb RAM. If you send me the Link to your Git Fork/Branch I could try to compile and see if It works on my machine. Our Buildserver also has enough RAM as Rust was similarly stupid with allocation. Greetings Till On 14.01.19 10:37, Marianne Spiller

Re: [oi-dev] fmemopen not found for compiling samba-4.10.0

2019-03-20 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi fmemopen Seems to be only from the newest iteration of the Posix Standard. We do not support that yet. If I look into pkgsrc I see quite a few Patches you might want to look at[0]. Pkgsrc being SmartOS package management wich is also available on OI as addition to IPS. [1] We would welcome

Re: [oi-dev] pulseaudio issues

2019-04-18 Thread Till Wegmüller
A PR does not mean you are done. In fact the Github workflow does not specify in which state your changes have to be to be discussed/shared. A PR would help a lot in seeing that you are working on It and anybody that wants to play around with it can pull your changes. You can annotate that you

Re: [oi-dev] Toward a SPARC distro of OI

2019-06-17 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Gary Thank you so much for this Work. I don't personaly use sparc but ir is good to see people doing this kinds of projects. Do you know about Agnar's Project to get OI building on SPARC? I can't remember if I ever pointed you towards him and his OI on Sparc work. His angle was to jump from

Re: [oi-dev] Image Packaging Developer's Guide

2019-05-22 Thread Till Wegmüller
This guide was very helpful in making the Go version of the IPS Repository server. I would very much like to preserve this. So +1 for initiating that effort. As to merging into oi-docs I would like to get the opinion of the Omnios People about the docs. I don't think it to be wise to diverge IPS

Re: [oi-dev] SMF service enabled by default in global zone

2019-05-07 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi The only way I know in the IPS framework is to use variants and two seperate xml files for and zone.nonglobal environment Greetings Till On 07.05.19 22:12, Michal Nowak wrote: > Hi, > > I want to modify a SMF service so it's enabled by default once it's > installed in global

Re: [oi-dev] Pecular dependancies in publishing print/cups-filters

2019-08-14 Thread Till Wegmüller
Hi Gary PKG uses it's own PATH variable to find libraries. Think of -I for GCC for example. And that has been modified to include usr/lib/libjpeg6-ijg/lib already but now also needs usr/gcc/6/lib to be added. You can override that by either: - Setting the dependency in the manifest manually and