2018-07-05 Thread cindy . whitley2020
Sepa is available, but please specify your needs before you say procedures must be followed. Regards, Cindy On Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 1:23:24 AM UTC+8, Garantii Ekarun wrote: > > I need ONLY SERIOUS CONTACT DIRECTLY living in EUROPE or YOU BRING YOUR > EUROPEAN CONTACT on a GROUP CHAT,


2018-07-05 Thread Steven Rice
This is what I all have: Goldman Sachs investment account, my account. Can accept wires and SWIFTS only. No minimum and 10M max. Chase, associates account. Same as above. Zelle, Western Union, MoneyGram and World Remit, all mine. No minimum and maximum depends on where you are. Now here are the

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2018-07-05 Thread Armindo Das Neves
Okay I'm ready , what you need ? Let me know "asap" Thanks De: oildaily@googlegroups.com em nome de JUSTICE BE DONE Enviado: terça-feira, 3 de julho de 2018 17:15 Para: oildaily@googlegroups.com Assunto: Re: [OilDaily] Re: Moneygram receiver if you are