Re: [onap-tsc] Casablanca Timeline

2018-04-16 Thread Addepalli, Srinivasa R
Thanks Deng Hui. I see that modeling is progressing well and one can start with model defined by M1 even if it is not frozen. I got it now. Thanks. Srini From: denghui (L) [] Sent: Friday, April 13, 2018 4:38 PM To: Addepalli, Srinivasa R

[onap-tsc] [modeling] Invite feedback on R3 DM proposal

2018-04-16 Thread denghui (L)
Hello Modelers, In order to get sufficient discussion in the beginning other than before the deadline, we would like to invite each company to feedback to Anatoly on your view. Please either send your view in this wiki page or send

[onap-tsc] Casablanca Release Developers Forum Information Program Committee

2018-04-16 Thread Kenny Paul
Thank you to Alla Goldner , Parviz Yegani , ramki krishnan , Alexander Vul , Lingli Deng

Re: [onap-tsc] Casablanca Release Developers Forum Information // Important about visa letter!

2018-04-16 Thread yuan.yue
Hi developers, It is our honor to co-host this event together with China Telecom. The purpose of this mail is I strongly encourage people who need visa letter submit the necessary infomation before end of this week. You can submit the infomation on the registration web-page by

[onap-tsc] [modeling] this week modeling call will be cancelled

2018-04-16 Thread denghui (L)
Hello modelers Lots of people reach me that due to China SDN/NFV conference, we would like to cancel this week regular weekly modeling call 1) For service call, #1 will be started this Friday 2) For resource IM, please help to comment on the link: