Re: Iaccessible2 in OOo

2011-09-28 Thread Steve Lee
/collaborate/workgroups/accessibility/iaccessible2 Steve Lee OpenDirective 2011/9/27 Jean-Philippe MENGUAL Ok thanks very much for this interesting answer. If you need some dialogue with NVDA or Orca (Linux), and if I can help as intermediate, no problem, don't hesitate

Re: Symphony contribution

2011-07-19 Thread Steve Lee
On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Malte Timmermann wrote: I can (after my vacation) write about the IA2 migration details and status in a separate mail if someone is interested. Malte I would indeed be interested in a summary of the work and status. Thanks Steve Lee

Re: Teams and Leads

2011-06-16 Thread Steve Lee
. Steve Lee