[Oorexx-devel] Error 98.903: Unable to load library "rexxgtk"

2019-08-21 Thread Terry Fuller
I've now built rexxgtk... But the first test routine fails with Error 98.903: Unable to load library "rexxgtk" I've added the library that contain rexxgtk.dll (my newly built one), and the library that contains libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll (from the downloaded  msys/mingw/...) Can anyone let me

[Oorexx-devel] New beta of BSF4ooRexx

2019-08-21 Thread Rony G. Flatscher
Hi there, in the process of tidying up BSF4ooRexx Javadoc warnings got handled, and ASM got removed by Janino 3.0.15. In order to test this version a new beta got uploaded to : * the version for Windows and Linux is named: ;

Re: [Oorexx-devel] Nasty message from Windows

2019-08-21 Thread Mike Cowlishaw
OK, will do. Didn't want to try that earlier in case anyone wanted me to try something. It comes up 10-20 times a day so I'll be glad to turn it off :-). _ From: Rick McGuire [mailto:object.r...@gmail.com] Sent: 20 August 2019 22:34 To: Open Object Rexx Developer Mailing List