JEP 283: Enable GTK 3 on Linux

2016-02-18 Thread mark . reinhold
New JEP Candidate: - Mark

[8u, 9] Review request for 8136920: Provide media support for libav version 55 and 56

2016-02-18 Thread Alexander Matveev
Hi Kevin and Kirill, Please review the following: 8u backport: Added support for libavcodec55, libavcodec56 and

Re: JFX as an OSGi service?

2016-02-18 Thread Stephen Winnall
Hi Erik Thanks for this - it makes sense. I was wondering about 1) getting the sub-class of javafx.application.Application to register itself at runtime as an OSGi service; or 2) trying to create a ServiceFactory that creates an instance of javafx.application.Application (perhaps decorated or

Re: JFX as an OSGi service?

2016-02-18 Thread Erik De Rijcke
Hi Stephen, We use JavaFX in an OSGi container, as a service component, in production, so it's perfectly possible. However there are a few gotcha's you need to take into account (I can not c/p the code for obvious reasons...) which makes using it in osgi... quite horrible :) When triggering a

Review Request: 8149966 [packager] JLINK API changes

2016-02-18 Thread Chris Bensen
Hi Kevin, Please review this fix for the changes to the JLINK API that the packager uses: JIRA: Webrev: Thanks, Chris

JFX as an OSGi service?

2016-02-18 Thread Stephen Winnall
I am trying to make JavaFX 8 work with OSGi Declarative Services. My preferred solution would be to instantiate javafx.application.Application as an OSGi service. As I understand it, there are two ways of activating JavaFX: 1) sub-class javafx.application.Application or 2) call