AW: Planning for

2016-12-08 Thread Keimel, Christoph
Hello, from our perspective as business application developers we would love to see: 1) CSS performance improvements 2) TableView and TreeTableView improvements - especially a cell spanning feature would be most helpful to create better tree tables Thanks, Christoph -Urspr√ľngliche

Scene Builder - How to add a theme or load a css on startup / Where to contribute

2015-05-28 Thread Keimel, Christoph
Hello First off: Thanks to Gluon for providing Scene Builder installers! We are currently evaluating how to integrate Scene Builder in our design process. We have a fairly large application with lots of forms. There will be multiple themes for the end user to choose from. We would like to make

Behavior of TitledPane concerning the ENTER key and focus

2015-03-19 Thread Keimel, Christoph
Hello I would like to address two difficulties we are having with TitledPane: - TitledPaneBehavior sets up a KeyBinding for ENTER to trigger the TitledPane to toggle its expanded property. (Issue A) - TitledPane accepts the focus even when is not collapsible (Issue B) *** Why I would like to

Thoughts about the use cases for Dialog

2014-09-19 Thread Keimel, Christoph
Hi I am playing around with the new Dialog API in 8u40. I am evaluating if the Dialog class could be the base for a custom Dialog implementation (Wizard) for use in a business application. The use cases for these dialogs usually require the calculation of the return value based on user input.