Re: performance on iOS

2015-04-08 Thread Erik De Rijcke
Disclaimer: I have not looked at the demo you're trying to run. I'm no opengl expert so my advice might be a bit off, but I do know the basics of gl programming. I'm not familiar with JavaFX opengl rendering algorithm but is it really needed to create a new (sub)texture object so many times?

Re: very poor performance on iOS :(

2013-07-26 Thread Richard Bair
Sadly, not much. There is a reasonable chance that the VM is playing a large role here, as 27ms for CSS for a single button is pretty bad, but unfortunately there isn't enough information in the logger to nail down exactly what is the issue. If you have a build environment setup, you can try to

Re: very poor performance on iOS :(

2013-07-24 Thread Richard Bair
Unfortunately, I'm one of those stuck waiting for the apple developer portal to come back online in order to renew my apple developer subscription, so I can't actually try this out myself. Have you tried running with the perfLogger (I included instructions and how to understand the output in

very poor performance on iOS :(

2013-07-24 Thread Niklas Therning
Please try running with perfLogger and also Instruments. As I've pointed out before RoboVM is in early stages of development. It doesn't do release builds yet. Virtually nothing has been done yet to optimize things for speed. So my guess is that you will find that a lot of time is spent in RoboVM