Re: [Opensim-dev] Fwd: mantis resolved vs. closed

2009-01-30 Thread Jeff Ames
Hello, I was originally thinking that we might have more states in mantis than we really use, so I agree with Mike that we probably don't need to make it more complicated. If people do find separate 'resolved' and 'closed' states to be useful, though, I'm happy with leaving them as is. They do

Re: [Opensim-dev] Ini file(s) loading

2009-03-09 Thread Jeff Ames
Just splitting up the file and putting it in config, with all the comments, would help. And for the SVN update - that is a problem with any modifications to the tree, not just config. That's what backups are for. I guess a simple backup/diff tool for config would be a quick solution... Just

Re: [Opensim-dev] Ini file(s) loading

2009-03-09 Thread Jeff Ames
One nice thing about merge conflicts is that it tells you right away if a variable you've changed has been modified (e.g., the variable name changed), so you can correct it immediately instead of wondering why feature X isn't working any more. But I guess there'd be a lot of false alarms, if

[Opensim-dev] region names case-sensitive?

2009-04-14 Thread Jeff Ames
Hello, Should region names be case-sensitive? OpenSim currently seems to treat them as such, e.g. in RequestClosestRegion. For the start location at least, libomv converts the region name to all lowercase (Login.cs:1206), which doesn't work so well with OpenSim's interpretation, but it's not

Re: [Opensim-dev] region names case-sensitive?

2009-04-14 Thread Jeff Ames
Internally, they should be case sensitive, but in talking to the client, it should be treated case-insensitively. Okay. I don't have time to work on this at the moment, but I added it to mantis so it doesn't get lost: Jeff

[Opensim-dev] Mac OS X OpenSim installer

2009-05-31 Thread Jeff Ames
Hello, I've started an OS X installer in, alongside the existing Windows one. It currently installs a binary version of 0.6.5-post-fixes (r9713), built with Mono 2.4. But it could still use a lot of work (dependency installation, creating

[Opensim-dev] Visual Studio 2005 support

2009-07-09 Thread Jeff Ames
Hello, Since VS2005 is no longer supported post-0.6.5, as of r10003, runprebuild.bat defaults to targetting VS2008 rather than VS2005. There is no longer a separate runprebuild2008.bat. Jeff ___ Opensim-dev mailing list

[Opensim-dev] git branches

2009-09-30 Thread Jeff Ames
Hello, Looking at the git branches on the server, many of them are rather old. Do we really want to keep all of them? The dates listed are the date of the last commit to the branch. Releases / post-fixes, presumably want to keep: origin/0.6.0-stable Dec 18 2008