Re: OCSP Stapling bug with multiple certs (e.g. an RSA cert and an ECC cert)

2012-06-18 Thread Rob Stradling
On 16/06/12 23:31, Dr. Stephen Henson wrote: snip Is there a way to patch httpd so that it can work around the limitations in the OpenSSL API and always send the correct OCSP Response? Possible changes to OpenSSL: Should the Stapling Callback function be called later in the handshake (perhaps

[ #2279] issue with compilation openssl -make install

2012-06-18 Thread BENBOUJEMAA, Siham via RT
Hello, I am trying to compile openssl in solaris 8 I use this : ./Configure --prefix=/soft/nrpe --openssldir=/soft/nrpe no-hw no-zlib solaris-sparcv8-cc shared Then make When I did the make test I met these errors : Test IGE mode ../util/ ./igetest Test JPAKE